30 Minutes (Lockin' Out Fanzine)

Time of publication: 17.07.2003
This is my personal fav of TATU's videos. Its drama and deft storytelling rival that of the works of the great bard himself. And like many of Billy Shakespeare's works this is tragedy in its most heartfelt and pure form. As the video begins you see Yulia in a bathroom fidgeting with something in her bag, a bomb! Is she some sort of terrorist? Yes my friends, she is a terrorist. A terrorist in the most holy war that was ever fought... that of love. As the music kicks in the scene changes to that Elena on a merry-go-round making out with some asshole. You can see Yulia in the backround watching and she doesn't seem to happy (why should she be?). If my best friend and lesbian lover was making out with some jerk in plain daylight in front of the whole world I would be pissed. Yulia seem so much angry as utterly crushed. What sweet pain and heartache! As the make out session on the merry-go-round gets steamier and steamier the camera cuts to Yulia working on her bomb. As the bomb nears the competion, Elena nears sexual climax. Elena's shirt eventually comes up and you can see the side of one of her boobs. As it starts to rain the sun goes down and the crowd clears out, but Elena and her tantras like make out session continue on. Finally the merry-go-round sits by itself, siloutted by the setting sun. The final images of the video show the merry-go-round as it explodes and the pieces of it fall to the ground as if they were pieces of Yulia's heart itself. It is an empty gesture and a shallow victory, but surely some satisfaction must find its was to Yulia knowing that such a symbol of betrayal has been erased from the world.

Thanks to Disengage.
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