Dangerous and Moving: officially "quite good really" (

Time of publication: 30.08.2005
The entire new Tatu album has now leaked online, which sort of blows our proposed 'world exclusive track by track' out of the window. Thank you, The Internet.

For what it's worth, the tracklisting looks rather a lot like this...

» Dangerous & Moving (Intro)
» All About Us
» Obezyanka Nol
» Loves Me Not
» Friend Or Foe
» Gomensai
» Cosmos (Outer Space)
» Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)
» Sacrifice
» We Shout
» Perfect Enemy
» Dangerous & Moving

...and the best songs are "Friend Or Foe", "Loves Me Not" and "Dangerous & Moving". It's basically everything the first album should have been - ie it contains more than two brilliant songs. Amazing.

The girls' first Russian release from the album is "Lyudi Invalidy" - have got a clip here (right-click). Nobody gets their head blown off, but there is some manlove involved so in a sense (That's enough of that - Ed)
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