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Time of publication: 02.09.2005
TATU – All About Us – Femalefirst Critics Review Album/Single Released 26/09/2005

Giving new meaning to the old phrase "les be friends" the biggest selling teenage pop duo of the millennium are back to stir up some more controversy with new single "All About Us" due to hit the music shelves this September. The first to be taken from their second album "Dangerous and Moving".

After a two-year break, almost winning the Eurovision Song Contest and sacking their creator Ivan Shapovalov, the world's best known "fake" lesbians, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, who shot to fame with their first single "All The Things She Said" are back with a vengeance.

New single "All About Us", recalls the controversy that has surrounded the girls since their meteoric rise to fame.

It sees the girls all grown up and ditching their electro-pop sound for a more a rocker edge. Still it sounds pretty much like everything else Tatu have ever released, with a catchy chorus on constant repeat "It's all about us" and lyrics like "When they hurt you/they hurt me too" thought provoking stuff.

As always their uncensored mini movie/music video, directed by James Cox is probably the best part of the single, with violence, drinking, bad ass cars and the girls looking like sexy modern day Lolita's.

It might not have the same impact as "All The Things She Said" but it will probably be a hit anyway.

The rating is 6

Sarah Williams
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