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Time of publication: 11.09.2005
Everyone's favourite faux schoolgirl lesbians are back, and before long, pretty much every newspaper entertainment page is going to be all about Tatu.

All About Us is a step on from the pop veneer of the girls breakthrough hit All The Things She Said; All About Us calls on a slightly more rocked-up approach. Other than that, very little has changed in the world of Tatu, as once again they serve up an immaculately produced and written pop song. In fact it's not entirely dissimilar in pace and lyrical meter from All The Things She Said, and has a chorus that is addictive as crack flavoured Pringles.

Of course it wouldn't be a Tatu single without a little controversy, and they've managed to achieve it this time with the video. Essentially opening up with a pop at the way they’ve been portrayed in the press (that whole lesbian thing again), it quickly heads towards scenes of sexual violence and culminates in a pretty bloody shooting. It's been censored in most quarters already, but no doubt it will cause the fuss it was meant to. Add the video to the lesbian question (thankfully they look older now so the paedophilic nature of the act won't be an issue anymore) and the fact that Julia now has a baby and a girlfriend, there's very little doubt that Tatu will be a major talking point once again. It's a shame all the talk about them won't be about All About Us - pop music doesn't get much better than this.

Sam Shepherd
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