Dangerous and Moving (

Time of publication: 07.10.2005
The Russian duo of the 20 year old Lena Katina and Julia Volkova proves with their new album "Dangerous and moving" that t.A.T.u ainґt no one hit wonder.
Even though Lena and Julia arenґt involved in the songwriting process, the sound of t.A.T.u would be nothing without their charming and sexy voices.
I really liked their million selling debut "200 km/h in the wrong lane" with the super hit "All the things she said" but the new album is even stronger with more guitars and less disco oriented pop.
The new brilliant hitsingle "All about us" was co-written by Billy Steinberg and if you love that one,you will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of amazing pop pearls on the new album.
The collaboration with producer Trevor Horn continues on "Dangerous and moving" and heґs truly a genius when it comes to bringing out the best of the artists,songs like "Loves me not" and "Sacrifice" are nothing but luxury cruisers in the world of sounds.
Sting is guesting on the bass on "Friend or foe" and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics has co-written one song as well as Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams),maybe I am going a little too far by calling them a modern ABBA but they are pretty damn close.

Kaj Roth
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