Dangerous and Moving (The Sun)

Time of publication: 07.10.2005
NO ONE grudges anyone a gimmick. Everyone's used them to sell records- from The Sex Pistols to Take That. But Russian lesbians has to be the worst .
Playing their videos with dark imagery supposed to reflect a troubled homeland, inter-cut with the kind of saucy visuals guaranteed to get Dads watching, earned them a kind of controversial cutting-edge act. Sadly all this gloss can't hide the fact that Tatu are not dangerous or indeed moving forward, as the title surggests. Their star has already burned out a mere two albums into their career.
This is a tired affair filled with songs that blend into each other. Lead single All About Us does have a wicked pop sensibility that will no doubt see them dominate the charts. But this alone isn't enough to carry sub-standard Eurovision junnk. Avoid at all cost

Rating 1: Use CD as a coaster.

The Sun, UK
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