Dangerous and Moving (The Guardian)

Time of publication: 07.10.2005
A lot has changed since tATu's cod-lesbian antics and catchy single All the Things She Said provoked screaming headlines back in 2003. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina's schoolgirl uniforms are consigned to memory, but the pair still sound like Bananarama's east-European cousins lost in second-rate Pet Shop Boys songs. As if their epic synth-rock weren't dated enough, Sting plays bass on the vapid Friend or Foe. Although All About Us is good, glossy pop, any empathy lurking in these tales of teenage persecution is lost in translation. Instead, they rely on excruciating high notes and breathy innuendo. "Can you fill me in slowly/ Deeper still in, wholly" they sing on Sacrifice, so passionless they might be pleading with a dentist. Not dangerous, not moving, but quite silly.

3 out of 5 stars

Betty Clarke
The Guardian, UK
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