Dangerous and Moving (

Time of publication: 06.10.2005
Tatu have returned with a second album that sounds much like their first.

Featuring some heavyweight collaborators - former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, Sting and Richard Carpenter of Carpenters fame, the album has, as yet, failed to match the notoriety of their first.

But pure Tatu-pop is still here in abundance.

Tracks like All About Us and Loves Me Not bear close kinship to All The Things She Said, and, in trademark Tatu-style, try to tempt the tabloids with some suggestive lyrics about the duo's sexuality.

Disappointingly, though, the tracks lose tempo towards the album's end, and skirt dangerously close to being ballads rather than blistering power-pop.

"Craving" actually sounds like the Corrs, while Sacrifice and We Shout bring the album to a fairly lacklustre end.

3 out of 5 stars

Kate Bradbury
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