All About Us (Pitchfork)

Time of publication: 07.10.2005
The party line on t.A.T.u. is that laissez-faire capitalism begets sinister svengalis, who beget crypto-lesbian bobbysoxer chipmunks, at which point morality promptly ends. Lost in this neat construct is the part where the chipmunks sing perfect pop songs. t.A.T.u. have a particularly ruthless trick up their sleeve-- they follow a great chorus with a crushing post-chorus stretch-- and "All About Us" has an even better one than the unhinged "this is not enough" section from "All the Things She Said". This time, after a typically martial declaration of their whatever, the girls blow right past the chorus and redo the money line over a plaintive break of bells and timpani: a brilliant switcheroo. It's also, interestingly, t.A.T.u.'s most Slavic musical moment to date, which may mean their camp has relaxed a bit about taking over the West. Good thing, as a bit of obscurity becomes these two.

Some (and by some I mean you) will be saddened to know that the attendant video forgoes tonsil hockey for an ode to friendship. And gun ownership. And brain splatter. Look it up-- it ain't getting on MTV.

Michael Idov
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