Dangerous and Moving (Mykindaplace)

Time of publication: 13.10.2005
In A Nutshell: An unexpected smash across the whole of Europe and other continents, Russian pop people manufactured a girl band with a gimmick and hit the jackpot. With most people now thinking of Tatu as a bit of an embarrassing fad the girls will have to work extra hard to win over the public for a second time.

What’s It Like? The rather heavy Russian accents that the girls have might have been a problem if they were trying to do a Mariah, but on this icy dance pop of an album it actually works quite well. Gomenasai ("sorry" in Japanese) slows things down and is the sort of dull ballad every girlband knocks out for their third single. The girls are better when doing the big beat numbers like title track Dangerous and Moving. There’s a tune sung in Russian for a bit of variety (Obezyanka No.l), but its novelty wears off once you try out the lines for yourself a few times. Once you get over the oddness of it all, D&M is a decent and different pop disc, but there is quite a bit of oddness to get over and the girls can only really do one type of tune well.

Killer: All About Us, Friend Or Foe
Filler: Love Me Not, Gomenasai

Rating: 2 stars out of 5.

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