Dangerous and Moving (InsidePulse)

Time of publication: 16.10.2005
The Inside Pulse:
When Tatu (or t.A.T.u) premiered in America with a song about two cute little lesbians experiencing sexual pleasure with each other, it caused a little controversy with some of the more fickle factions of our society. But for the most part, it simply got the word out and they became one of the more popular pop acts in 2002. The style and substance of their music was a flashback to 80s pop in which harmony as opposed to rhythm was the focus. Now a couple years older and a little more mature, these admitted exploitation artists come out with their second American LP. Many of the songs on this album were written by '80s pop songwriters such as Billy Steinberg ("Like A Virgin" and "Eternal Flame"), so right away we can expect this album to have that old school pop flavor. Sting fans may want to take note that he makes a guest appearance playing bass in the track "Friend or Foe".

Parasite warning: This album will grow on you. The reason is despite any faults and criticisms one may want to find, they have formulated a sound all their own. It's a unique mix of rich harmonies, high alto orgasmic shrieks, and background music that sounds like the climax scene from an episode of Miami Vice. Even if you listen to it once, shrug your shoulders and go 'eh', the next day you will oddly find yourself listening to it again. It's the type of album you listen in your car singing along and nodding your head, yet quickly turning it off when at your destination, hoping no one heard you. It's also great make-out music, giving the album Slayer's +1 Pulse Point Bonus Make Out Special.

Tracks 2-5 (1 being an intro) and 11-12 I give a thumbs up to. As for what's in guessed it. Filler: The bane of all pop albums. When trying to make three or four hits, half the album is paid no attention too. These one dimensional formats make for good drafts and demos, but it negatively lowers the merits of their work. Hard to recommend an album per se, when half of it is extremely below par, but it seems to be an accepted fault in popular music. Also, I wouldn't recommend paying attention to the lyrics too much, it may ruin the songs you do like.

Madonna, Miami Sound Machine, Jan Hammer, and Abba. 30 years later, they may make a Broadway play based on their music.

Reason to buy:
If you're looking for some good female harmonics in your Pop, this is your album. The positives of Dangerous and Moving will greatly outweigh the negatives for you. It is also good bedroom music for people who want to get laid and highly recommended for young bi-curious female teenagers who need an outlet.

Rating: 6.5

David Goldberg
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