Music | Tatu — Not gonna get us (

Time of publication: 24.04.2003
By Stacy Farrar

Three questions. Are they? Aren’t they? Does it matter? Three answers. Maybe. Maybe not. Not really. Whether possible dyke pop sensation t.A.T.u.™ are g, l, b, t, or even s is a popular debate, but whoever they are rooting, they completely rule. That’s right, the second single from possible lesbian pop sensations Tatu’s full-on smash hit album 200km/h In The Wrong Lane is out. And like the first single All The Things She Said, Not Gonna Get Us is an earnest declaration of young, desperate love, with a killer hook, fresh, slightly accented vocals and some decent sound effects. Anyways, this single comes with two versions and a video of Not Gonna … and two very good versions of All The etc. The video is crazy – the two girls in a truck, which is on fire, racing through some kind of Cold War landscape, running over a Russian guard, before climbing on the roof and standing up there while the driverless truck surges into the snowy night. As far as girl-on-girl goes, there’s a fair bit of hugging, crying, and laughing. You have been warned.

Thanks to convol.
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