Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that these girls are hot... (Lockin' Out Fanzine)

Time of publication: 09.05.2003
Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that these girls are hot and their music is good. They have a song called "My Dookie" although I would argue that he is "My Dookie" not "There Dookie". The same song has the lyrics "My Ducas" not bad at all. Considering most people think this band is a one hit wonder I was blown away at the sheer number of potential hits this cd has on it. Not just counting "Not Gonna Get Us" I'm talking about "Show Me Love" and 30 Minutes". This is better than most hardcore out there, I would compare it to maybe the Altercation demo, on one hand you love it the first time you hear it, and on the other hand you can't get sick of it. Unlike A.W.K. this has remained listenable. If this band ever plays a shitty club in Boston I will def be moshing, and I know I won't be alone. They have a part where they yell "Break" but they only do it live. They also only make out when they play live. If you are a perverted sexist guy, and you only like this band because they are underage lesbians (yUCKS!) then you will be slightly aroused to know the cd version contains the video "All the Things She Said"
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