NHK invites tATu to participate in the Red White Singing Contest (Japan)

Time of publication: 07.06.2003
The Russian duo t.A.T.u. who are popular in Japan are to visit on the 25th in June, and NHK will be inviting them to join the Red White Singing Contest for the rest of the year. NHK announced that they would invite them in the same mood as inviting ¦t¦hҐР (a Japanese singer). If they agree to join the contest, they would be the first guest performances who will not be singing a Japanese song in the contest in recent years.The record company predicts that in the next week, their album sales will be more than 200 million copies, even more than АШ±TЁB ¶W¤ЖѕЗЁk¤l (Japanese singers) , they are currently the best selling album in this year.

Translation by skye.
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