Tatu for you ("Keyboard")

Time of publication: 20.06.2003
200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane

A white-label advance of this CD arrived several months ago, and it was a nice way to get acquainted with this new Russian import. At that time, no major hype had reached our shores, so it was one of those anonymous drop-the-disc-in-and-give-it-a-spin moments. “Tatu who?” I was instantly hooked by the ABBA-esque helium vocals, razor-sharp pop melodies, and world class electronic production. Turns out that one of the producers involved in the project is none other than Trevor Horn, and it shows. From punchy uptempo synth pop hits (“Not Gonna Get Us”, “All the Things She Said”, “Show Me Love”) to moody, ambient electro ballads (“30 Minutes”), this disc is a piece of pop perfection. Now, several months later, Tatu are an international phenomenon. Surely their marketing campaign and controversial video for “All the Things She Said” didn’t hurt, but I have bought into this disc on sheer pop music power alone.

Keyboard (May 2003)

Thanks to ElectraCute.
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