The interview with Tatu on radio Europe Plus

Time of publication: 01.09.2005
Transcript/translation of the interview with Tatu on radio Europe Plus, Russia

Radio show "What a morning"

On air:
Europa Plus reporters: Kostya Mikhailov, Aliona, Ilya Kolesnikov.
Tatu: Yulia Volkova, Lena Katina (rem.

Kostya: It's 8:36 am. What a morning on September, 1. This sort of morning, but a nice one. Aliona, Kolesnikov and Kosya are in a studio of Europe Plus. Finally, we got to see and to hear our favourite, wonderful and stylish girls! It's Tatu! Bingo!

Aliona: Hi, girls!
Tatu: Hello!

Aliona: It's good to see you here on this day – September, 1. This morning has a great beginning. How was it to get up that early?
Lena: Not so good.

Ilya: A question right away. Why aren't you in school?
Yulia: I was about to tell you this. Poor people who got to get up that early today for school.
Lena: We've already done it. We got through it. That's enough.

Kostya: Do you remember at what time the first lecture began?
Yulia: Yes, I remember. Mine began at…
Lena: At 8:30 am.
Yulia: Not mine. Mine was at nine in the morning.

Ilya: Have you gone to different schools?
Yulia: Yes.
Lena: Well, come on!

Ilya: You can't tell! Judging from your videos, you can't. It looks as if you were together from the very beginning.
Yulia: No, we weren't together in school. We got together later, after school.

Kostya: Got it. Girls don't visit radio stations out of no reason, especially that early in the morning. Today, the reason of such an occasion is very serious. There will be an exclusive premiere of the song … on Europe Plus.

Aliona: Make a simpler face, please!
Yulia: More serious. Make it an anchor face.
Lena: Yep.
Yulia: Concentrate!

Kostya: An anchor face? …. aaaaaaan exclusive premiere of the song "Ludi-Invalidi!"

Ilya: "Ludi in validi"!

Kostya: Ludi – dash – Invalidi. There's a gossip on Internet that one of you wanted the title to be "Ludi" and another one – "Invalidi".
Lena: Of course not.
Yulia: No, we both wanted the title "Ludi-Invalidi"
Lena: Yes, this is "Ludi-Invalidi" and the other one is a gossip.

Kostya: A gossip?
Lena: Yes.

Aliona: We'll talk about tabloid rumours and gossips later.

Kostya: "What a morning" radio show on Europe Plus! Thanks God we don't need to get ready for school this morning! It's a relief!

Ilya: Aren't you going to school?

Kostya: No.

Ilya: I skipped it because of your company, my friends. I meant, the company of Yulia. Let's introduce ourselves!
Yulia: Let's.

Kostya: I am Kostya.
Yulia: Nice to meet you. I am Yulia.
Lena: And I - accordingly.

Kostya: That's a beautiful name!

Ilya: Such a rare name! Accordingly, repeat once again your name, please?
Lena: Accordingly.

Ilya: Accordingly!

Kostya: So, Yulia, Accordingly are Tatu. Both of them are in the studio today. In three minutes, there'll be a premiere of a very exclusive song "Ludi-Invalidi". It's a brand new song of Tatu's. We've already heard a part of it and may tell that you won't be disappointed. More over, a moment of truth is waiting for you – reincarnation of group Tatu! Is it true that you tried to shoot video "Ludi-Invalidi" at a car dump, where you had a photo session?

Lena: We didn't try.
Yulia: We have done it.
Lena: It wasn't exactly at a car dump where we had a photo cession. It was slightly another location. It was a homeless' hole.
Yulia: A terrible part of Downtown, which turned out to be such a mess. A stinky and a dirty hole. It was a nightmare.
Lena: We were about to go breathless there.

Kostya: It's a pity Europe Plus can't pass all beauty of that stench. Let's show the video instead!

Aliona: Let's!

Ilya: Watch the video clip!
Lena: …through the waves of Europe Plus!

Kostya: Why did you get attracted by the dump that much? They say that you were simply…
Yulia: Yes, we enjoyed it a lot. Why shouldn't we? It was fun and it was interesting.
Lena: Yes, it was.

Kostya: You've got to take a shower several times after the company of the dump inhabitants. No?
Lena: Of course not!
Yulia: We took a shower only once.
Lena: No, normally photo cessions are in glamorous pretty places.
Yulia: We've got fed up with it.
Lena: Yes, we are about to puke of all this…

Aliona: You are such scandalous girls! At least, you've got this image created maybe partially by media and yourselves. Are you afraid of anything?
Yulia: You.

Aliona: Thanks.

Kostya: Our Aliona is super!

Aliona: You've achieved a lot in this life. Aren't you afraid that some day all of it will come to an end?
Yulia: No. Something else will begin then.

Ilya: These dumps and photos will come to an end …
Yulia: Glamour will begin.

Kostya: As far as I understood, glamour is over for Tatu. Now they are in the period of dumps.
Yulia: Well, yeh.
Lena: We'll have it later, yes.

Kostya: A new hobby?
Yulia: Yes, come along now!

Aliona: What are you dreaming of?
Lena: Oh! About everything little by little.
Yulia: No, I don't dream. I live in reality.
Lena: No, no. I dream. I like to be up in the clouds, to imagine a bit.

Kostya: And after that aaaaaa…
Lena: No, after that, there's no "aaaaa". After that there's some one who brings me back to earth.

Kostya: "Come back, come back…"
Lena: Something like "if you won't act, I'll spoil it all". Something like that.

Kostya: Look here. That new video of yours we are about to watch – are you going to kill someone again?
Lena: No.
Yulia: No, we aren't. It's the other way round. The video is cool. It's a psychologic video.
Lena: Cool and serious.
Yulia: It's a serious one. Great people were in it together with us. Different disabled people, various…
Lena: …psycho cases.

Kostya: They say that Lena escaped this fate to get beaten up but Yulia got her face hit several times.
Yulia: Oh, that's another video.
Kostya: What was that video?
Lena: "All About Us".
Yulia: Video "All About Us". I had to ... tough relation with a young man.

Ilya: Oh, the one where you tell him to *** off?
Yulia: "Off", yep.

Tatu: (singing) off-off-off-off...

Kostya: to the dump. And he is doing you this way?
Yulia: Yes, this way and I "puff" him at the end. I kill him so brains are all over the walls.

Kostya: Oh finally. Okay, let's see if they won't kill any one in "Ludi-Invalidi" video. The sacred moment is here! It's the excusive premiere of Tatu's new song "Ludi-Invalidi" on radio Europe Plus! T.a.t.u.!

"Ludi-Invalidi" is being played

Kostya: This is Tatu on radio "Europe Plus" with an exclusive all-Russian premiere of the song…

Aliona: A world premiere!

Kostya: ... a world premiere of the song "Ludi-Invalidi".

Aliona: You always got to tell the artist, who comes to radio stations that it was not bad, the song was rather good, but this time I really liked the song!

Kostya: Yulia, Lena, tell us please for those, whose radio receiver isn't equipped with a screen. What was going on in that video?
Yulia: The clip will be on TV soon. What was going on in there? A bunch of people, about 60 of them. All types of people – without arms, without legs.

Kostya: Was Serguey Bezrukov (Means "armless". A word twist here., rem. in it?
Yulia: Yes, of course? There was no one else suitable. So...

Aliona: Was it hard to play a part there? I mean, that I understand when you play a role in a film but what about a video?
Yulia: No, we don't act.

Aliona: Are you living in there?
Lena: Yes.

Aliona: Are you trying to show music or yourselves?
Lena: Music, of course.
Yulia: Yes, I think that music is more important.

Aliona: We've got "10 or" (a quick query in that show., rem.

Kostya: "10 or" for group Tatu! Are you ready?
Yulia: Yes, shoot it.

Kostya: If you have a threesome. Would it be two women or two men?
Lena: Neither.

Ilya: Ooops!
Yulia: We like sex for two.

Kostya: For two, well then. In a complicated situation – a call to a friend or to a producer?
Lena: A friend.
Yulia: A friend, of course!

Kostya: If a vacation, where – in a village or in Las Vegas?
Lena: In a village.
Yulia: At home.

Ilya: home in Las Vegas!

Kostya: The most important man in your life – a father or a boyfriend?
Yulia: Both.
Lena: A boyfriend.
Yulia: A father is a role model for a boyfriend.

Kostya: Tea or coffee?
Yulia/Lena: Tea!

Kostya: A cat or a dog?
Yulia/Lena: A dog.

Aliona: A German Sheep dog or Chihuahua?
Lena: A German Sheep dog.
Yulia: And Chihuahua.

Kostya: Soccer or figure skating?
Yulia/Lena: figure skating.

Kostya: An owl or a lark?
Lena: An ooooooooooowl.
Yulia: A lark.

Kostya: Che Guevara or Cheburashka (A Russian cartoon figure., rem. Quickly!
Yulia/Lena: Cheburashka.

Kostya: Chess or alpine ski?
Yulia/Lena: Chess.

Kostya: Bikini or body, or topless?
Yulia: Body.
Lena: Bikini.

Ilya: Kirkorov or Pugacheva? Quickly!
Lena: Oh, no! Neither!
Yulia: Neither of them.

Kostya: Neither of them, all right. Restaurant or homemade cuisine?
Yulia/Lena: Homemade.

Kostya: A beer can or a bottle?
Yulia/Lena: A bottle.

Kostya: A visit to gynaecologist or a dentist?
Yulia/Lena: Gynaecologist.

Kostya: Well, it's all clear. Lenya sat and recorded the answers of the test. All in all: Lena turned out to be a transvestite from Thailand and Yulia – a Moldavian master of feng shui.
Yulia: Moldavian master of feng shui?

Kostya: That's not bad at all!
Lena: Who am I?

Kostya: A transvestite from Thailand!
Lena: Finally, I got to know the truth about myself. My mom didn't mention that.

Kostya: It's September, 1 Some one has to go to school.
Lena: And we are sitting and sitting here and don't worry about such things at all.

Kostya: We are sitting together with Tatu and our reporter's team and don't think about school at all. We have a special occasion today – to see such wonderful girls here and to hear exclusively "Ludi-Invalidi" and "All About Us".

Kostya: And now, we have an international premiere of song "All About Us". It's T.a.t.u.!

Ilya: Cheers for the international premiere!
Lena: Bottom up!

"All About Us" is being played

Kostya: Is it true that you insisted on the single price to be hold at maximum $ 5, i.e. ca. 500 yen?
Lena: I don't know.
Yulia: We didn't insist on anything. We don't interfere in such questions
Lena: Why is he playing with such a bag?

Ilya: It's not a bag, but a can to spit seed-peel out. No, no, kidding. It's the art of origami. The art of paper folding. I want to make a present to you, girls!

Aliona: Talking about Japan.

Kostya: Look here; I make it with one hand.

Aliona: You give lots of interviews, of course. Today is the next in a row. You are often asked similar questions. That's why you have to take this test on media cliches.
Lena: Oh, no!

Aliona: Tell us please, what rumour would you like to deny?
Lena: No one. Let them write what they want.

Aliona: What question do they ask as most?
Yulia: Is it true that you are lesbians?

Aliona: Are you?
Lena: No.

Aliona: What questions do you refuse to answer?
Yulia/Lena: There are no such.

Aliona: All right. I won't ask them then. What are your career plans?
Yulia/Lena: On forward!

Aliona: Is it true that you can get into show business only through a bed?
Yulia/Lena: No..

Aliona: What kind of men do you like?
Yulia: There's no model.

Lena: No, no such a model...
Yulia: We like them all.

Aliona: All of them?
Yulia/Lena: Yes.

Aliona: Great! Love or a career?
Lena: Love and a career together.
Yulia: A career.

Aliona: Your favourite book?
Yulia: No such.
Lena: "The Thornbirds"

Aliona: Your favourite movie?
Lena: I don't have a one.

Aliona: Is it possible to have a love story with a fan?
Yulia: I don't know. Everything is possible.

Aliona: What Russian artists do you listen to?
Lena: Radio.
Yulia: "Europe Plus"

Aliona: I like next question a lot. You have many gigs and tour a whole deal. Do you have any funny stories from there?
Lena: Oh, I hate this question. Ааааааа!

Aliona: Gotcha! You hit a mine!
Lena: You know, every journalist asks the same question, "Tell us please, what is the best thing that happened to you? And what is the worst? And what is the funniest? And what is the most … what would you not like… hell, get out of here!"

Kostya: Girls, you are in videos and we – we sit here in the studio. You are on tours but we sit here every morning and they ask us similar questions, "Tell us something funny from your life on air?"
Yulia: We can hardly remember any funny stories. They are many. Lots of things happen all the time.
Lena: Yes. Every day is one of a kind!

Kostya: The most important moment in this test is your reaction to these idiotic questions. Of course, you don't have to tell funny stories. They happen to everyone. There's no meaning to tell them!
Lena: The funniest story that happened lately is the one, when we crashed into my suitcase.

Ilya: Did you call for experts to set you free?
Yulia: They helped us out.
Lena: So, Yulia and me were celebrating something. Two of us decided to have some wine. As we don't practice drinking alcohol often at all…
Yulia: We get stoned pretty fast.
Lena: We just took one and a half glass each and it made us gone. Yulia just came up to me, put her arm around my back and said, "Lena!". She giggled and started to fall.
Yulia: Simply fell backwards.
Lena: She drags me down too still giggling. Both of us landed into my suitcase. I told her, "Volkova, let me free, let me free." She kept on holding my neck still laughing.

Ilya: So you crashed on the very bottom of the suitcase?
Lena: Yes, the very bottom of it!

Ilya: What is your favourite TV series?
Lena: Our favourite TV series?

Ilya: Do you watch any TV at all?
Lena: Extremely seldom.
Yulia: Some music channels perhaps.

Ilya: I don't practically watch any TV at all, so I wanted you to update me if there's something worthy on there.
Lena: No, nothing.
Yulia: I can't tell either.

Ilya: Only radio! Thank you!

Kostya: Do you have any school stories? A nasty school story or an advice you remember – what can be done to a bitchy teacher?
Yulia: No, it's just the other way round. We want to say that school years were…
Lena: The best ones.
Yulia: Yes. When you are in school, you don't realise this. When you leave the school, when you get older – 20, 25 or maybe 30 years old, you have a different view. My parents still remember school days. My friends do too. It was different then. You get bad marks, you are nervous about exams, etc.

Ilya: Veterans of show-business say that giving interviews is the best thing they remember.

Kostya: Yes, yes. Human memory keeps only the best. You are probably thinking now that a bunch of jerks are sitting here in the studio of "Europe Plus". Some day, when Lena becomes a transvestite from Thailand and Yulia – a master of feng shui, you'll remember this moment and think, "It felt so good! It was great when we were Tatu! What a wonderful life it was!"

Aliona: You sound a little down.

Kostya: I got a little sad because it's about the time to say good-bye to the girls.

Ilya: I like this joke about Tatu. There's group Tatu and there's another group with only boys in it. It isn't called "Tatu" but …
Lena: "Tottogo". Have you heard another funny Tatu story? I love this one! So, two fellas are about to be executed. They are asked for the last wish. The first one says:
- I'd like to hear Tatu's hit "All The Things She said".
- All right. We'll let you listen to the song. What about the second one?
- Kill me first!

Kostya: Tatu presented two new songs on radio "Europe Plus" this morning: "All About Us" and "Ludi-Invalidi". Listen to radio "Europe Plus", and you'll hear these songs again and again. We promise you that!

Aliona: Thank you very much! Come and see us whenever you can. We are always happy to see you here!

Yulia/Lena: Thanks!
Lena: We wish you good luck with getting up at 4 am!

Kostya: Thanks!
Lena: That's a pure nightmare but keep it up, guys! See ya!

Transcript: Team
Translation: Team
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