Vlad Topalov: I love Volkova

Time of publication: 18.08.2006
Recently in one of the newspapers appeared the shocking story that one of the members of the group Tatu, Yulia Volkova had had a miscarriage.

The girl was supposedly in her 3rd month of pregnancy but lost the child due to constant touring and stresses connected to her personal life.

Moreover, she didn't know who the father of the child was. If we are to believe the rumours, she had simultaneously fallen in love with Vlad Topalov and Timati. Though recently her name has been connected more with Vlad.

The pair have repeatedly spoken about their romance in interviews. Though hardly anyone here believes the reality of these feelings. Topalov has already had a ficticious romance to help keep the interest in his career.

However, the singer continues to assert that he shares love with the Tatu girl. He is certain about the truth of Volkova's pregnancy according to MK (Russian newspaper).

"I love Yulia Volkova!" - he exclaimed in response to a question about his personal life. The public doubts about this don't disturb him. "I shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone", replied Topalov - "The main thing is me and her..."

As for the unborn child the singer said the following: "There was no pregnancy. There was no relationship with Timati. It's all lies. Timati has a girlfriend, Alexa".
Translated by nikki
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