Tatu Cancel at the Last Minute Again Due to "Small Audience"

Time of publication: 19.08.2006
The chaotic Russian female duo Tatu cancelled at the last minute the live performance that they had been planning to do at the Holiday club in Nagoya late on Friday night.

The club had dubbed the event "Russian Night" and had set up a special stage to welcome Tatu as guests. They had also announced the event in advance. According to the club management, someone connected with the duo told them immediately before the performance was due to start that they were cancelling the performance, because "the audience is too small".

The two girls came to Japan on the 15th to promote a DVD and gave a live performance in the capital. Three years ago, during their first visit to Japan, they caused a furore with their last-minute cancellation of an appearance on a TV programme. This time they said that, "That's all in the past. Let's forget it. This time there will be nothing but good things."

Sports Nippon, Japan
Translated by LenochkaO
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