Tatu in Last-Minute Cancellation Storm at Nagoya

Time of publication: 19.08.2006
The chaotic Russian duo Tatu, who are visiting Japan to promote their live DVD, stirred up a row on the 18th with a last-minute cancellation, this time in Nagoya.

They were due to hold an event from 10:30 p.m. at the live house Holiday in Nagoya. However, the two girls still didn't appear after 30 minutes, and sometime after 11 there came the unemotional announcement over the venue's PA system, "Due to various circumstances, Tatu have gone to another club." According to insiders, while the two girls were in the car on the way to the club, they apparently found out that there were only 50 people in the audience at the 300-capacity venue and decided to go straight back home.

When they held an event in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on the 16th, they acted as though they had reformed, saying, "There will be nothing but good things in Japan. Let's forget that we caused this trouble. Because it's all in the past", but…. One fan raged, "I was really looking forward to this! They haven't reformed at all!" We wonder what will happen with the other events that are planned before they return home on the 23rd?!

Sankei Sports, Japan
Translated by LenochkaO
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