Tatugirl knocked her butt

Time of publication: 15.09.2006
Lena Katina got the injury at the party after the gig within the Tatu concert tour. In the night club the tatugirls, together with their musicians, did not seperate with fun.

First they ordered a litre bottle of whiskey at the bar, soon the company lost control. Yet a moment later the crowd of guests from the capital moved with swaying steps on the dance floor. Lena and Yulya, warmed up with alcohol, produced such figures, that regular guests were really shocked.

At a certain moment Yulya lifted up her leg, so the surrounding people could thoroughly examine her pink silk underware. Obviously one of the musicians had noticed the tatu pants, too, looking at it with delight, couldn't hold his balance and fell directly on Lena Katina. who in turn fell directly on her butt.

Next moment the redhead yelled in heavy pain. Because of the piercing scream the Australian musician jumped up and tried to give first medical help for his college.

At first Katina affirmed under tears that she injured her tailbone, because of this she could sit only with difficulty. But later in the dressing-room Yulya helped Lena to take off the jeans, and they saw a huge bruise on the butt of the tatugirl. So Katina had luck, one might say. At the arrival in Moskva she visited the surgeon in her district Polyclinic in any case, where they gave her the diagnosis during the examination - heavy contusion.
Translated by Argos
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