Vlad Topalov: I'm tired of fighting over Yulia!

Time of publication: 27.09.2006
The relationship between the Smash-boy Vlad Topalov, and Tatu-girl Yulia Volkova going bad.

This summer Vladik made a proposal to Yulia, and suggested to adopt her two-years-old daughter Vika, but…
"Z" met with Topalov at the most crisis moment of their relationship. Vlad opened his heart, talking about his love and the complicated relationship with Yulia Volkova.

Vlad, you never told anyone about your romance with Yulia. But Volkova, on the other hand, did the exactly opposite, she was very open with the press…

Yes, I've read the interviews of Yulka, where she told in which pose we having sex – Vlad tried to smile, but his cheekbones are disobedient, like reduced by spasm. Believe me, it wasn't pleasant at all. I try not to let anyone get into my private life. That's why I didn't comment our relationship.

Vlad Topalov was with Yulia since the age of the children-ensemble "Neposedy.

She was first and the most honest love! – Admitted the singer.

Their relationship stated to develop long before they got hard into the show-business. As Topalov telld, Yulia concurred him with her honesty and spontaneity. But very soon the group "Tatu" got to their way, and then Pavel Sidorov, the father of the future daughter appeared in Volkova's life.

You already let Yulia go once, why did you decide to get her back?

Yes, I've lost Yulia back than – admitted to "Z" Vlad. Later we hooked together and separated few times. She's great, kind, honest and real. I can't explain what attracts me so much in her. We broke up because of banal fights. Later she had close relationship with Pasha. It was very hard for me, I've suffered. And when we met again in December last year on one of the companies, I decided for myself that I won't let her go again. I told her: "I lost you once, and I don't want to repeat this!". At that moment I couldn't imagine anyone else but her beside me.

The daughter

When you hooked up with Yulia again, she already had her daughter Vika. Volkova once said that you're very tender to her daughter, and that you even ready to adopt her. To be honest, would you like Yulia's daughter call you "daddy"?

I don't know. I doubt it – thinking Vlad. The girl has a father that communicates with her. But the fact that I cared and still care about the little one – that's for sure! She's a very bright and touching kid. Too bad that Yulia don't have enough time to take care of her. When I proposed to Yulia I told her that I'll adopt Vika and raise her.

Did you think about your own children with Yulia?

Of course! We had these thoughts.

So why did you quarreled so much, why couldn't you find an agreement?

-Yulia is a very thoughtless girl, and of course, that's naturally irritated me – said Vlad passionately. She changes her mind every day. She likes to say a lot of nonsense, just for attracting attention. She hanged out with Ivan Shapovalov too much, so she learned it from him.
I decline many of her principals. Yulia, unfortunately, is too much into the image of Tatu – that's a big problem of her. She's not like that in the real life. This is all fake and acted. I was very irritated when she started to act cheaply in front of my friends, like a prostitute. But I know that Yulia is not that kind of person! She's very-very kind and open girl, she's not rude, obscene and vulgar, as she shows herself in public. She's not an angel, but I'm also not a prince on a white horse.

Did you offend her often?

I have a terrible line in my character – I'm very exploitive and impulsive person. I could yell on Yulia because of nonsense. We could stop talking for weeks, and than I couldn't get peace, because I didn't see Yul'ka beside me, didn't hear her voice. I called her myself, and we made up. Perhaps, we're too different people. She has her own interests, I have my own.

More detailed?

For example, I love to read serious literature, and she loves something completely different. Once, I was laying on the couch, reading a book. Yulia gets out of the bathroom, taking the book out of my hands, throwing it to the other corner of the room and starting to yell, that I don't give her attention at all. What could I do? I left. We didn't talk after that about a week. By the way, I told Yulia many times that she have to study. When she got into Tatu, she didn't finish anything except middle-school. But no use! She didn't want to listen at all, she said that she don't care! She has other interests.
Imagine this, I'm sitting in a company of friends of mine, I getting a phone call from people I know, they ask me: "Where are you?", I'm telling that I'm on a meeting. They told me: "Your Yul'ka is here, drank to death, some suspicious people hanging around her!" It was very unpleasant and painful for me to hear this.

The brake up

Didn't you try to talk to Yulia?

I tried to explain her many time, how she should behave, but that was useless. She didn't want to listen to me, and continued to hanging out until the sunrise.

And what about her daughter? Hasn't the exsistense of the little child stopped her?

I told her many time: "Wake yourself up! You have a daughter, she's growing up!" but she just wave her hand on everything and goes do some club.

Vlad, as far as I know, you liked to enjoy yourself too for some time?

Yes, I know what's alcohol is. I know, what's drugs is. I don't hide, that all these were part of my life. I used all that, drank, and went to night clubs. But I managed to get over this. Long time I've tried to shove Yulia out of all this filth, but she didn't understand me! I'm tired, I'm so god damn tired of that kind of relationship! Every day with her, is like on a flank with gunpowder.

Maybe you should forgive Yulia and to help her to get away of this hell? Who else, if not you?

I really love Yulia, and I want to be with her. I have an intuition. I believe in signs of destiny and my inner voice. My heart tells me, that I should fight for Yulia, to help her. I had to keep her with me, because I truly love her, and can't imagine myself with someone else. But how can I reach her, if she doesn't hear me?

Newspaper Zhizn, Russia
Translated by EV
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