Group Tatu almost fought with the frontier guards

Time of publication: 12.10.2006
The provocating group Tatu is in Kiev again. This time they arrived with four new musicians and Yulya Volkova's father, who wanted to see Kiev on the daughter's bill.

At the arrival the tatugirls planned to have a walk to the city and show Yulkya's father the local sights, but in fact they were worn out the whole day and so they didn't go anywhere. For all of this the Ukrainian frontier guards are to blame.

"We just woke up", the girls complained (three o'clock in the morning - comment of author). "We didn't sleep the whole night in the train, because we cursed and quarrelled with your frontier guards."

It turned out, that during the night the customs officers entered the compartment of the tatugirls with the frontier guards for inspection. They were checking thoroughly the luggage of the stars and musicians.

"We slept and we didn't understand immediately what they demanded", told Yulya and Lena. So they were annoyed even more about that. When they said to them "Don't you really know the girls, they are the group Tatu!", they answered "We don't know. Who are you exactly? Tatu?" So it began and went on...But more than those girls the father of Yulya, Oleg, was annoyed.

"How is it possible, that they don't know Tatu?" he was aggrieved. It's good, that Yulya restrained herself to the best of her ability and did not begin to be rude. - she is very hot-tempered. I'm afraid there could have been a real fight."

After the press-conference the depressed tatugirls went to the hotel - to sleep.

Natasha Sokolova
KP - Ukraina
Translated by Argos
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