The red-haired tatugirl isn't pregnant, is she?!

Time of publication: 12.10.2006
Lena Katina visited secretly the gynaecologist

Last week the flaming red-haired singer of Tatu had celebrated the 22nd birthday. In the comfortable appartment in the centre of Moscow, where Lena Katina already lives for some months with her friend, the lawyer Anatoli, only the closest friends gathered. Yulya Volkova gave golden earrings with little dolphins to the friend, other guests showered colours on the birthday girl. However, the fans of the group dicussed not at all this joyful event, but sensational news, which depressed all the others.

"Imagine, Lenochka Katina is pregnant!" a trembling girlish voice was heard in the editorial receiver.

"Just a second!" I doubted. "Is it such a fake news, like the recent abortion of Yulya Volkova, who was supposedly pregnant from Vlad Topalov?! Who are you, by the way?"

"I'm Masha Sidel'nikova. I saw Lena with my own eyes in the women's general hospital 'Marina roscha'. She sat at the consulting room No. 5, where future moms consult the gynaecologist and where they perform abortions upon request of the girls."

"But you are not disturbed?"

"No! I am a former fan of 'tatu'. Whomever, but I recognize Lena even in the night! Even more, she was with the mother, Inessa Vsevolodovna, whom I know well personally, too. I've overheared about what they talked and understood that Katina had to hand over lots of specimen. Indeed, I tell you, she is pregnant."

Quite personally

I decided to prove the reliability of this sensational information, and first of all called Lena herself, of course. She carefully listened to my question, but only screamed out: "Piss off!" and dropped the receiver.

Then I picked the number of the appartment of the parents of the tatugirl, where her mother and the 14 year old sister Katyusha live. The last one I came across.

"Lena will soon have a child?", I asked directly.

"Weeeeell...." Katya hesitated, "generally I don't have permission to tell about that. you understand, it's very private."

"They saw your sister at a women's consultation."

"Lena forbade me to talk about that to strangers. Bye!"

In the hope to succeed to talk with Asya Nikitichnaya, the paternal grandmother of Katina, who knew interesting facts of her grand-daughter two years ago in an interview of our newspaper, I picked her phone-number, and again put the question about the interesting situation of the tatugirl.

"I beg your pardon?!" Katina the elder was surprised. "The grand-daughter sweared an oath, that I hear it first, if she is pregnant. but at present I didn't get any news..."

Maybe, Lena didn't keep her word and didn't tell the grandmother about the child, because she decided to get rid of it or she forgot the occurrence?

"Lena is very serious about the birth of a child." said the press-secretary Zhenya Voevodina to me. "She stressed more than once, that she couldn't reconcile the education of a child with an artistical career like Yulya Volkova, but concerning her boyfriend Anatoli, they really live together and of course there could be a pregnancy at any time, but a kid will strongly disturb Lena's plans. she is now completely immersed in work!"


As people surrounding the tatugirls claim, at the time of the tour through Japan in August of this year Lena Katina gave up cigarettes and drank only non-alcoholic beer.

What else she said!

...about men

"I don't have a supercool guy. but honestly, I don't like them. Such rich guys are somehow wrong. well, he puts you in a golden cage and says: sit down and don't piss me off! I don't understand how to fall in love with money. I fall in love with the inner world of people, in their soul. My fellow Anatolij is completely normal. He is a year older than me, lawyer, and doesn't dig the money with a shovel, but we get on well together, he understands me, he is smart, developed, and we together is always interesting. For me this is most precious. But how to live a whole life with a guy, who only thinks about money? And how to lie in bed with a guy with whom you don't experience feelings? I don't understand this!"

Izvestiya, 3. Oct. 2006

...about children

"Of course I want to be a mother. I wanted it always. I think about it since my 14th year. I want a boy and a girl. Exact dates I don't plan. As God will give, I will give birth. And in general I have decided for myself clearly, about during the year I'll stop smoking. Let the organism get clean, then I may become pregnant.

Stern, Feb. 2006

Mikhail Filimonov
Ekspress Gazeta
Translated by Argos
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