Tatu-girl dreams to find a step-father for her daughter

Time of publication: 08.11.2006
Yesterday, the most promoted in the West Russian group – Tatu, performed second time in Ufa. First gig 5 years ago couldn't be compared to this one in any way. The girls became stars, they’ve got a whole army of fans that from the very morning occupied music store "Souz", where Lena and Yulia were to have an autograph-session.

- Wow, look how they greet us! – Proudly pointed out satisfied Yulia to her father. A short grey-haired man in a baseball cap follows his daughter on tours, protecting her from unnecessary acquaintances. He helped Yulia to take her coat off and generally undertook a role of her cavalier while the real one is absent.

Before to make happy their fans from Ufa, young stars were generous enough to give a press-conference.
- Yulia, media always tried to "marry" you with Vlad Topalov. Is it true?
- Of course it is, - admitted Yulia, - but he hasn't proposed yet. I don't know when it's going to happen. I don’t know. You should ask him about it.

Having sensed that the star is in a sincere mood she was hit by another question:
- Is he going to adopt your child?
- Well, I don't know. Maybe… - said young mother thoughtfully, - if to tell the truth, I want it very much.

It became clear that the Tatu-girl has no plans to stay in Russia for a long:
- I'm thinking of moving somewhere to California, - stroke back Yulia with this cofession. – The climate is warmer there and people are nicer too.

Mila Kian
KP Ufa, Russia
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