With whom will the tatugirls fly to Irkutsk?

Time of publication: 11.11.2006
The group Tatu will give a single concert in Irkutsk. In the night-club "Megapolis" on the 14. November there will be the evening-party with the name 'Dangerous and Moving', which is translated as "Lyudi invalidy". The tatugirls will stay in the hotel complex "Legend of the Baikal lake", which is 65 km apart from Irkutsk. The girls asked to prepare one of the best hotels in the city, where comfortable rooms are located next to the guards and well serving personell.

"Now we prepare two rooms - studios. These are large, spacious rooms, where there is everything necessary for living: a large bathroom, toilet. From the windows of the rooms opens the view to the Baikal lake and the legendary Shaman's Rock," the manager Anna Razheva tells about the development of the hotel complex "Legend of the Baikal lake" - "they ordered two rooms" - that means, each of them will sleep in her own bed.

The rooms where the group Tatu will live, costs 4400 rubles per day. The artists intend to take their meals in the restaurant of the hotel, but until now nobody has ordered the menue.

Yet two weeks there are rumours in Irkutsk, that Yulya Volkova will arrive with the ex-participant of the group 'Smash' Vlad Topalov. He is said to have a romance with her.

"No, nobody informed us about that. Together with the group Tatu there will arrive 13 people - musicians, managers. But about Vlad Topalov we did hear nothing." said the art-director of the night-club "Megapolis", Ivan Vil'chinskij.

But one of the organizers of the concert told "Komsomolskaya" very strange details. In the rider of the group it is specified, that apart from the cited 13 people together with the tatugirls there will arrive in Irkutsk another "Mr. No.1" and "Mr. No.2" The names are kept secret. When the organizers asked the group, which hotel rooms and conditions where to prepare for those unknown guests, the answer was like that: "Don't worry. We will take care of them ourselves. The surnames of those people are too well known, that we can name them."

The Irkutskian fans can only guess who are the "Mr. X". While in our city the rumours circulate about the romance of Yulya and Vlad Topalov, a gossip sparkles about ties with the other ex-participant of the group 'Smash' Sergej Lazarev. There are even photographs presented, where the 'tatugirl' kisses Sergej. By the way, Sergej Lazarev had an unplanned concert in Irkutsk - on the way from Murmansk to Voronezh. Irkutsk, as is known, lies just along the path - somewhere between Murmansk and Voronezh...

In any case, the Irkustkian fans have the chance to see, in whose company Lena and Yulya will come to us. The whole tour personell of the group, including two mysterious persons, fly business-class, although it is possible that they will travel the route section from Novosibirsk with the train. By the way, together with the tatugirls Yulya Volkova's father will arrive. His role in the tour is not properly understood.

Alena Gritsenko
Komsomolskaya Pravda - Irkutsk
Translated by Argos
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