"Tatugirls" hid in hotel "Irkutsk"

Time of publication: 15.11.2006
The most provocative Russian group Tatu had a performance yesterday at "Megapolis". The Irkutskians didn't know until the last moment, if the star-duet with the new program "Dangerous & Moving" will come - there were rumours, that the scandalous girls cancel Irkutsk. As result the tickets were sold only since one and a half weeks.

First the girls decided to be accomodated in the hotel "Legend of the Baikal lake" at the lakeside. They officially informed about that in their rider, they agreed with the organizers. They had even prepared elegant rooms (each costing 4400 rubles per day) - everything, as the group asked.

But literally two days before the arrival in Irkutsk the girls renounced that hotel without explaining. As "Komsomolka" could find out two boyfriends are with them, whom maybe the girls didn't want to show anybody. There were rumours, that those were Sergej Lazarev and Vlad Topalov. But it is no secret to anybody, that Yulya Volkova plays amourous tricks with those singers.

Therefore the girls wrapped their arrival in secret. First of all, Tatu reached Irkutsk after 36 hours. and they did not arrive on Monday, but on Tuesday morning. The rain-shower of Monday prevented them to show up in the city earlier. Second, they kept secret about the information where they would be put up. It is said that they did it on request of the singers themselves. Therefore they told in all hotels like on demand, that Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova don't stay there.

But however you work it, the girls are no agents of "Federal Security Service" and "Komsomolka" found them inthe hotel "Irkutsk". This is the former "Intourist", which is situated on the Gagarin boulevard.

The group arrived there with two Mercedes and two vans. They gave them appartements of class "Studio" for 2300 rubles per day. They are in the 9th floor. The girls did not even go to eat in the restaurant.

"They ordered a light dinner in the hotelroom, nothing special or exquisite." told the waiter of the hotel.

Clear fact - they did not want to show up with their men in public. Because, as the employees of the hotel say, although those are neither Topalov nor Lazarev, but the personalities are not less prominent.

"They arrived with 15 people", told the organizers. "They came with so much gear, that it indeed comes to a ton!"

Irina Zheglova
Komsomolskaya Pravda - Irkutsk
Translated by Argos
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