Tatu-fan ran after their car for two kilometres

Time of publication: 03.11.2006
Yesterday in Ekaterinburg rare guests arrived unexpectedly - the group Tatu. The girls gave the last concert in the capital of Ural more than a year ago.

The tatugirls came from the airport to the hotel "Voznesenskij" at 6:00 am. But inspite of the early hour a crowd of fans kept attending at the doors. They gave presents of flowers and postcards to the girls, a big white plush-bear and a yellow duck. But the presents didn't impress Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina and they left them at the reception.

The girls were put up in an expensive two-bedded luxury room - 7500 rubles per day, there they hid from the attention of jounalists and fans. For that reason they even had breakfast as well as lunch in the hotelroom. The breakfast was cornflakes with milk, the lunch chicken soup. But the most touching moment was, when the young stars asked the chambermaid for water with confiture. There was no confiture in the hotel, but the cook didn't become confused and diluted jam with water.

The schedule of the stars was very dense - this day a television broadcast and the omnipresent fans waited for them. One of them, a master of sports a marathon runner, ran from the office of the TV-company to the hotel and even overtook once the two black BMWs, in which the stars drove.

"We watched the girls beneath the office of the telecompany," told the breathless Aleksej, "but when they came out, the organizers and guards have protected them in a dense ring. We could not take photographs nor autographs - even changing some word with the girls wasn't possible. A few seconds I thought what I could do. But when the cars moved, there was no time left for thinking. I began to run and overtook the convoy at the traffic lights. I ran to the hotel without a break. It was very useful that in the past I was a professional runner. The other fans didn't try to follow them - they went immediately to the club."

Before the concert a light dinner waited for the tatugirls. Yulya ordered "Cesar"-salad and a cooked tongue, and Lena a mushroom soup, fried pork and black tea.

"We have a very tough time-table," told Lena to "Komsomolskaya". "Airport, hotel, broadcast, hotel again, concert... After the concert we usually lie down to sleep. Today there will be no exception. It will not be possible to see the city. Only through the windows of the car. That's very sad, but it's our job."

"But we were very happy about the contact with the fans" Yulya added. "In Ekaterinburg they are especially sincere and generous. They gave us flowers, toys, they even gave us a newspaper devoted to us, which they made on their own."

KP - Ekaterinburg
Translated by Argos
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