Tatu-girl Yulia forgot about her child in Volgograd

Time of publication: 07.11.2006
No, we don't compete, though… we might do it, - says Yulia Volkova with a sly smile. – It just happens this way that we are like twins, with our boyfriends where we part and find new ones almost at once. But with the latest ones we, knocks the wood, - we've been together for more than a year.

Hearing a question about her relationship with Vlad Topalov, Yulia goes pale.

- None now! Vladik (Vlad Topalov, rem. is my first love and as it's known, the first love can't be a happy one. Vladik is very nice and he probably loved me too, well he might still love me but we simply got tired of each other, - clenched her teeth Yulia and commented with concentration.

During the interview Tatu-girl Yulia gets around to do her lips, to smoke a cigarette and take a few zips of tea. Her image of an active part of the duo fully corresponds to the reality. Lena smiles modestly and stays almost silent during the conversation. She gets more involved when we show the girls pictures from their very first visit to Volgograd.

- It's us in 2001, here in the Sports Arena, - remembers Lena. – Oh, how fat am I there! And the red curls fit me very well in my opinion. I'd probably get the hair done the same way again.

- But look at me! Yeh, well… it's been long since then! – confirms Yulia.

Yes, many things changed since that time. First Russian “lesbo-duo” managed to conquer Western music market, a hard to break through Asia and they changed the producer. To all that, Yulia gave birth to her daughter Vika and her friend Lena Katina lost 5 kg. of weight. Their personal lives affected their creativity.

- We constantly grow and look for something new. Out last album Ludi-Invalidy is almost totally rockish and our songs All About Us and Friend Or Foe can hardly be classed as cheap pop. We've got a new – Tatu-style!

Having been exposed in the West, popular Tatu-girls are a sugar-pie for various TV-projects. Even Tatu fans are welcome to take part in TV shows. So, the most active of them have already been spotted at the MTV show “Closer To The Stars”. As for Tatu themselves, the girls firmly refuse to participate in this show.

- We do our own show, why would we need another people? – shakes her shoulders Yulia. – Ilya Averbukh (a famous figure skater with his own show on the Russian TV, rem. contacted me to invite to “Stars On Ice” show but I declined his invitation. If I start to skate as well, then when will I have time to give out gigs, to tour, to record songs and to finally live…

- And to bring up the girl, - reminds her the tour manager.

While counting up all her achievements, Yulia forgot to mention her own child. Well, such things happen…

Olga Alexandrova
KP - Volgograd
Translated by Team
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