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Time of publication: 22.11.2006
Tatu pop-duo is liable to a lawsuit. Leonid Vakuev, human rights representative at Komi Republic (Russia) said that the reason for this was the band's CD "Ludi Invalidi". He didn't like the following words written in a CD's booklet, "Ludi Invalidi do not know what it means to be a human being. They are fakes inside the human form. They do not live, but - function". Vakuev is intended to initiate a lawsuit and to insist on legal actions against the duo and its managers. Lena Katina, one of the duo's singers, is now with us.

Lena, hello!

Lena: Hello!

Did you try to contact Vakuev? I asked him if he'd tried to do so, but he replied he was not going to call you because you are controlled by your managers.

Lena: No, you know, we didn't try to contact him, and this is an absolutely absurd opinion that somebody's controlling us. We are not puppets. We are people.

Then tell me, please, something about the song and the whole album. I've listened to the lyrics and found that it is not about disabled people in a literal sense on this word, right?

Lena: Right. I suppose you are an adequate person: You got everything correct. In fact, they took the extract that couldn't be understood ambiguously. Actually, if the album title "Ludi Invalidi" can be really understood in two different ways, our explanation of the title, on the contrary, cannot be understood ambiguously. Of course, we meant moral invalids, people who do not have soul and human feelings.

It means, you have nothing against disabled people? Lena: Yes, we haven't... I personally think that in general it is humiliating to refer to people who may have some inborn or acquired physical disabilities as to "disabled people"...

Lena: And we have a lot of such people coming to our shows – people who can't walk or who have Down's syndrome or with something else. We take pictures together and make sure they have priority seats.

And… what are you going to do now?

Lena: Nothing.

I mean, they will go to law against you!

Lena: So what? Let them do it. You know, somebody is just having problems reading between the lines. Creative process is about metaphors, about the ability to understand the real meaning of them.

You're not afraid of legal actions against you?

Lena: Of course, we're not.

Ok, but in case you need Vakuev's phone number, we can provide you with it. Peaceful solution is always possible. Thank you! Lena Katina, Tatu's singer, was with us on "Morning on BBC".

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