Yulya Volkova became victim of the fans

Time of publication: 07.12.2006
The soloist of the group Tatu, Yulya Volkova, who performed at the concert in the Moscovite Prado cafe, became victim of unlimited love of her admirers.

At the very moment, when after the gig, which was organized with the help of "The Russian Brilliants", the singer came down the stage, they literally threw themselves upon the fragile girl and organized a real crush.

Volkova got seriously frightened about the manifestation of such stormy reaction and was visibly disturbed. While she thought, whether she should return to the stage or try to break her way through the crowd, a guard already came running towards her. He noticed her confused glance and decided to approach to help the defenseless girl. The strong guy took her in his arms, carried her through the whole crowd and after that brought her to the make-up room.

The Agitation

Lena Katina, in contrast to Yulya, preferred to walk on her own to the artists' room.

As the staff of the restaurant told "Zhizn" later, they did not experience such an agitation for a long time.

"Although the girls themselves are to blame for what happened" told one of the guards of the club to "Zhizn". "Why was it necessary to kiss each other on stage, to jump barefoot, and why dressed Yulya in such a revealing attire? After watching this erotic show the admirers lost their mind."

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