Tatu-ed Glamour

Time of publication: 07.12.2006
Until now avoiding club performances the girl's duet Tatu changed their own principle an the birthday of the prestigious nightly institution of the capital.

At the light of torches and candles the representatives of the Moscovite glamour society sipped cocktails and looked at a naughty photoalbum about themselves in expectation of Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina. "I think, this will be their best concert", the great friend and propagandist of the tatugirls, the writer-deputy Aleksej Mitofanov shared his thoughts. Not long ago the excellently well-fed LDPR-man even flew to the other end of the earth, to South Korea, to listen once more to the ex-Neposedi tandem. There he had to hang around in company of for Russian patriots alien asians, but now, in the expensive club near the Kremlin, in Mitrofanov's company were the ex-vocalist of the project 'Smash' Sergej Lazarev, as well as the general producer of the festival "New Wave" Aleksandr Rumyantsev, and a complete line of at moonlight well-known persons of the domestic high-society. Everybody was promised a very rare performance: not only Tatu in the club, but Tatu in the club with orchestra!

The ouverture of the presentation, perhaps was the most funny happening. After squeezing through the crowd the string quartet climbed on some podium (with them some more, a cembalo and a harp, I should add) and played an improvised menuet, in which you could quickly distinguish the beginning motivs of the revolutionary tatu-hit "Nas ne dogonyat". The composition smoothly flowed over to the so cognate melody "Ya soshla s uma"; and there on the stage of the club, like ejected from the darkness, Yulya and Lena materialized in soutanes of Benedictine monks.

Already after the first song the girls rejected the garment of high moral standards. Then Lena, in the duet standing for modesty and positiveness, continued the gig in jeans and jersey of dark colour, but the tatu-epatage Yulya, by every means keeping alive the fading fire, presented herself in supershort, frivolous strawberry-red attire and stockings, comfortable for performing a can-can. For the audience, composed of people who have everything in life, the tatugirls began to sing piercingly "Ne ver', ne bojsya, ne prosi" and then they continued strictly with their shock repertoire. Before the theme "Ya soshla s uma" the audience had the chance to listen, how Yulya is chatting, and in "Obez'yanka nol' " to appreciate her dramatic feeling. In general Volkova nowadays looks like the main-nerve of the project. With her Tatu will be saved...

And more about club concerts. Tatu has a completely agitating staff of musicians, enough amount of hits and still a moving image. For whole stadiums it will no more be enough, but for chamber stages they are completely relevant (especially with competent advertising). There is room for improvisation.

In a few days the group has another club-session in the capital. It seems, soon this will be a usual thing for the tatugirls.

Mikhail Margolis
Translated by Argos
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