Tatugirls best friends

Time of publication: 28.12.2006
Yulia's and Lena's best friends are very similar to the Tatu girls themselves. Yulia's friend is as cheerful as she is, and Lena's – as modest. Bravo hanged out with the girls in a coffee house and made them tell the story of a true, strong feminine friendship.

BRAVO: Let's introduce ourselves… I know Yulia and Lena already…

Yulia: This is Oksana – my best friend, and this is Nastya (Anastasia) – Lena's best friend. And the whole four of us share love! (Laughing). We switch places all the time!

The girls' eyes grow wide.

Nastya: How's that?!

Everybody's laughing.

BRAVO: How long do you know each other?

Yulia: For very long! Since we were born. We laid in the babies room in the hospital and knocked on each other's windows. (Everybody's laughing again. Yulia is in a very good mood, and it passes to all the rest)… The truth is that me and Ksushka met fourteen years ago. We live next door to each other. We studied in the same school. In general, we spent all our childhood together.

Lena: We met eight years ago, in ninth grade. Nastya and I shared the same table in class.

BRAVO: And do you meet often now?

Yulia: We meet every day because we live close to each other.

Lena: Almost every day.

BRAVO: And how often do you hang out?

Yulia and Ksusha burst in laughter. Supposedly, the girls had a huge party not long time ago…

Lena: We have a group of class mates…

Yulia (Can't hold herself): And Ksusha and I live in a hotel!

At this moment Yulia is literally cracking. While laughing she drops on the couch. Yulia is laughing so hard that all the rest start to giggle too.

Yulia (Calmed down a bit): The truth is that we always have very interesting parties. There are always a lot of people. And when the morning comes we become friends even with those who were strangers in the beginning of the party. And during the last two days, after our performance in Prado Cafй Ksusha and I lived in a hotel. We rested. In horizontal position. (Yulia starting to laugh again).

Lena: And we with our company, we often rent a house out of town and make theme evenings. For example, each one of us has to be in a costume and make up and to represent some actors, or to do reattachment to some scene from a movie. We do a lot of stuff. We can go somewhere to eat, to hang out, or dance… Or to play some bowling.

Nastya: And after that to stay at home for two days.

Lena (Lauging) : Yes, we played lately and now Nastya is hardly walking…

BRAVO: Did you have situations when you fell for the same guy?

All together: No.

BRAVO: Oh, com'on, honestly!

Lena: Nastya and I are lucky to have very different tastes.

Ksusha: We always know in advance who'll like who… Like, this one is mine, and that one is yours… So there are no questions afterwards. We just look one on another, and all is clear.

Yulia: Yes, and why to divde something?! It always fun and great for us… We're not dividing anything. All these people are our company, we have the same community – we go together to movies, to shops…

Lena: Even sleep in one bed.

Yulia: Yes. We're a family.

BRAVO: When was your last fight?

Yulia: Two days ago before the performance, we almost had a fight. I don't like fights and negative emotions in general, as well as Ksusha, and we try to soften all the sharp edges immediately. I think that if we are close people, why to fight than? We have to tell each other the truth, because otherwise, who will?

Lena: The last time we had a fight was in tenth grade…

Nastya: And since then we don't know what a fight is.

BRAVO: Did you challenge your friendship to check its strength?

Nastya: It challenged by time. There are different situations in life, but a friend is always near, friend – is the one who can not only to help when you're in need, but also able to share you happiness.

All the girls confirming this sentence by nodding.

Lena: Because happiness it's much harder to share, than grief. Only a real friend can be truly happy for you.

BRAVO: So you're not envying your friends' popularity?

Ksusha and Nastya shook their heads.

Nastya: I can't accept Lena as a star. Our friendship evolved long before Tatu, and when she started to sing I took it as her job.

Lena: Nastya was the only person who believed in me. The only one. My mom walked around laughing at me. When I said: "Mom, we're going to record a song!" she would ask "What song? Ladushki-ladushki (classic babies song accompanied by clapping)" (Lena smiles). And Nastya always told me that I'm talented, and that I'll be famous. We walked near a CD shop, and I dreamt that someday CDs with my songs will be soled there too. And Nastya would say: "Of course, they will". No one ever believed in me as she did…

Do you have some kind of special day that you never pass without each other? Like a friendship day?

Yulia: We have this kind of day every day!

Lena: Even when there's no celebration, we create it… Because we're happy when we're together!

Bravo, Russia
Translated by Ev
December 2006
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