Goodnight Tatu

Time of publication: 19.01.2007
Tatu threw a provocative pyjamas-party at one of the hotels close to Moscow. The dress-code was a must: pyjamas and slippers.

The party started with "Fabrika" (a Russian girl-band) performance. The signers, however, used full playback, which left Volkova a little upset. Julia decided to show everybody how it should be done. Tatu girl jumped up onstage and sang five songs off hand.

Party's highest moment was pyjamas defile. Specially invited models presented "night looks" to Tatu's guests. Remarkably, Volkova and Katina didn't buy anything for the occasion and showed up in their home pj's.

Julia: We've been planning to do something unusual for a long time. We're tired of show-off parties. You gotta be more simple, guys. Pyjamas, a pair of slippers – just what it takes!

Your Day, Russia
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