Vlad Topalov accused Yulia and Timati of using drugs

Time of publication: 15.02.2007
One more statement of Topalov's turns into a new big scandal. The singer, on purpose or not, accused his former darling Yulia Volkova and a rapper Timati of taking drugs.

As it seems, this threesome story goes on. We remind you that Yulia had relationship with both Timati and Vlad and even spoke about marrying the latter one. "Z" has already told that when the rapper and the Tatu-girl met each other at one of the parties again after being apart for a long time, they were very happy to see each other. After more than just a friendly cuddle and kisses they retired together in a rest-room.

When the ex boyfriend of Yulia's – Vlad was asked what he though they might have been doing there, Vlad answered without hesitation:

- They sniff all the time in restrooms. What can I do about that?


The "heroes" of the story got to know about this statement of Topalov's the same evening from their friends. They got very furious that they got accused in using prohibited by law chemicals. It's still unknown what actions the offended artists are going to take but it’s sure they are not going to leave such accusations just like that.

Yulia and Timati are in warm countries right now.

- I'm very sad that the person I lived my life with and who I loved, behaves in such a way, - commented Yulia. – It doesn't speak of him being that wise. I treated him very well but he spoiled everything by these words. Maybe he is jealous? I don't know, it's possible but it's not important anymore. I have another life now.

As for Timati – the hot tempered rapper was very explicit.

- This pussy should tell me all that personally and then we'll see how his face will look like after very first punch of mine, - said the rapper to "Z". Real men tell everything face to face instead of spreading gossips behind the other one’s back and instead of trying to get a free ride using other people's name. It's all a very cheap publicity of "look at me" – category. Topalov can't get over that his girl preferred to spend her time with me instead of him. If he thinks there's no one to defend Yulia, then he's grossly mistaken. Topalov, you are not a man and I'm ready to get the things clear between you and me anytime. You are going to answer for this slander.

- I'm not going to back off from what I said, - insists Vlad. – Think yourself, what could they do in the rest-rooms? Either to f..k, or to sniff.

Tvoy Den, Russia
Translated by Team
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