Tatu-girl Yulia secretly got married

Time of publication: 09.03.2007
Scandalous singer of the group Tatu decided to put an end to the rumors about her numerous romances and tied herself up with the bonds of legal marriage.
As it became known to "Z", the 22-year singer found her present love - a 22-year businessman Parviz and married him.

As Yulia confessed to her closest friends, she converted to Islam because of her new love.

This serious step of Volkova's was unexpected even for her relatives. At first, none of people knowing her took seriously another affair, then it became obvious that her and Paviz' romance is more than just an affair. Just after a few months of dating, the couple decided to get married and there were only few, that could possibly expect this a decision from such a freedom-loving singer as Yulia is.

First encounter

They met accidentally at their mutual friend's place.

- This was love at first sight, said close to Yulia source to "Z". - Their relationship went fast, and they quickly decided to get married and even to take religious wedding vows.

But they bumped into a serious problem on their way: they confess different religions, Yulia - orthodox, and Parviz - Muslim. But love does not know boundaries, and it is Volkova for the sake of love proved to be prepared to convert .

- Together with Parviz Yulia left for the Emirates, where in Dubai, in the mosque they went for Nikah (a Muslim religious wedding ceremony, rem. authors), continues the story a close friend of Yulia's. - Mullah read above their heads the sacred prayers and declared them being husband and wife.


After approximately one week in the Emirates, happy newlyweds began to get prepared directly for the wedding. They didn't want to arrange any celebrations in Russia and therefore they flew away to Thailand, and then they moved to the islands of the Indian Ocean. Following Western celebrities, Volkova wanted to get married in a complete secrecy.

- We flew there in a private airplane, told Yulia's friend. - There was totally about hundred people, only relatives and friends of Yulia and Parviz. There were no show business people - even Lena Katina wasn't invited for the ceremony. They didn't want to draw too much attention to this event. Newlyweds even took off the engagement rings, when they returned to Moscow.

Nevertheless all secrets are normally become known. To the video shot of the show "Circus with the stars", Yulia arrived together with Parviz and introduced him to her close friend - Serguey Lazarev parents:

- This is my husband, she said.

- We are actually husband and wife, acknowledged Volkova to "Z". - But at the moment I don't feel like speaking about my private life.

Ahmed Boziev
Tvoy Den, Russia
Translated by Team
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