Volkova ended up in a harem

Time of publication: 15.03.2007
The newly acquired husband of the "tatugirl" already has a wife and a child

As "Z" could find out,the soloist of the group "Tatu" proved not to be the first wife of the 22 yr. old businessman Parviz, who organized a wedding according to Islamic law for his mistress.

Two years ago Masha Veber - ex-participant in the group "Tutsi" gave in to the charm of that young man.

The singer not only advanced in binding herself and Parviz by the muslim wedding ceremony Nikah, but also to bear him a child, who is now half a year old.

The talks about the unexpected marriage of Yulya Volkova didn't get silent, when the shocking fact was discovered, which forced the people close to the singer to wince. Yulya became the second "actual" wife of Parviz.


Parviz lived with Masha about a year, and a son grows up with them. The stories of two loving singers with one young guy strike with identical details.

Equally as Volkova, before meeting Parviz, Masha confessed Christianity. But after some months of dating Veber fell in love to Parviz so much, that she decided to hold a wedding according to Muslim law. Finally the singer left the popular group for her loved one.

"Masha herself told Parviz that she is ready for everything" admitted a close friend of Veber to "Z". "Parviz negotiated personally with a mullah, who came to their home and performed the rite Nikah over their heads."

The son

The child of Maria and Parviz, whom they named by the orthodox name Vladimir despite the Islamic canon, was born in November. The young parents felt themselves as the most happy people under the sun.

But the happiness didn't last for a long time. When Masha got to know about the wedding of Volkova with the father of her child she felt in deep depression. According to her closest friends, she suspected about the new passion of the loved one, but she didn't think that everything would go so far. but she will not alone own the conjugal rights for Parviz.

Now Masha lives together with the little son in the appartement of Parviz in the centre of Moskva.

By the way, despite all kinds of lashings and condemnations of the new romance of the "tatugirl" the representants of the Islamic priesthood confessed that there is nothing blameworthy in this marriage.

According to their words the Muslim man has the right to have several wives under the condition, that it will be maintained in it's status.

Tvoy Den, Russia
Translated by Argos
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