That Girl Is Jealous of That Girl!

Time of publication: 17.03.2007
Masha Veber, Yulya Volkova and Parviz met at a fashion show

At the show of the spring-summer collection for fashionable clothing of a famous company, which passed by in one of Moskva's clubs, the historical meeting of the scandalous participants of the love-triangle took place: the "Tatugirl" Yulya Volkova, her husband Parviz and his first wife Masha Veber.

When he arrived at the club with his newly acquired wife Yulya, the 22 year old young guy was confronted face to face with the other legal wife - the ex-member of the group "Tutsi", Masha Veber.

The Love

The friends of the group "Tutsi" persuaded Mariya, who has born Parviz a child half a year ago, to come out into the public the first time since a long period. Right there Masha showed them with tenderness the photographs of the little one on the cell-phone.

Five metres away from them, at the same time, Parviz and Volkova hugged each other - a situation, fitting a mexican soap-opera. The young polygamist, however had nothing to laugh: succeeding in twisting a love-intrigue, he nevertheless remained composed - as much as it's possible to be in this story.

Parviz broke free from Yulya and finally came to Masha and apologized for having acted like this against her.The young guy was poor with words, but sincere. Looking Veber into the eyes, he said only one phrase:"Forgive me!"

As answer Masha smiled sadly, didn't utter a word and came back to the friends. However, sometime later Yulya Volkova wanted to talk with Veber.

"You look great" the "tatugirl" began friendly the conversation.

"Thank you" answered Veber, but found in herself the strength to hold back her overwhelming emotions and smiled.

She was honestly interested, how feels the kid of Masha, but getting such a monosyllabic answer "well", Yulya felt, the conversation was strained, that a wall was between them. Because of obvious reasons Veber was sad the entire evening - she had no choice but to devote herself to nostalgia, observing how happy Yulya and Parviz are together.

Yulya shared the mood with all the surrounding, especially roughly with Sergej Lazarev. The old friends showered in mineral-water and made faces, each in their own way.


Tvoy Den, Russia
Translated by Argos
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