Yulia Volkova: I will bear Parviz a son

Time of publication: 20.03.2007
First interview of the "tatugirl" after the marriage

The romance of the "tatugirl" Yulya Volkova with the young businessman Parviz, which was completed by a secret marriage, became the most discussed event in the capital's high society meeting.

The singer, well-known for her easy temper shocked the colleagues, when she explained that with her 22 years she has already strolled around enough and has met her love for the whole live.

For the turbulent development of the event and the creation of a family it didn't even disturb, that at the moment of the acquaintance of Yulya and Parviz, he had a pregnant girl-friend, the ex-soloist of the group "Tutsi", Masha Veber.

Their mutual friend Oleg had introduced the future couple - that important day Volkova remembered for the whole life.

"I arrived at the Cafe only pick up passes for Music Awards ceremony." remembers Yulya. " At that time Parviz and I got acquainted. I tell you frankly, I liked him at once and quickly we found somehow a common language and began to meet each other. We became close friends to each other and I noticed with every day that I begin to fall in love."

The Destiny

At that time Volkova herself could not imagine, that this accidental friend shortly later, in less than a year, will become her legal husband. At that time the scandalous romance of Yulya with the singer Vlad Topalov was at it's very peak. The press could not track the endless quarrels and problems of the star-couple - in new relations there is simply no place for similar situations.

"I already met Parviz several times at different locations." the "tatugirl" continued, looking at her husband with loving eyes. "Most funny, that I was always happy, danced, but Parviz calmly sat there and observed me. We are like 'plus' and 'minus', we complement each other. We felt well together and we thought only of each other."

This story could have come to an end, if there were not a fateful incident, which happened to Volkova on tour. Bored in the hotel room after a hard concert, Volkova suddenly realized that she wants to talk with Parviz, as it oftrn happens. to talk things out with a guy in loose relationship.

"I found out the phone-number from Oleg and called him", said Volkova. "We chatted then for several hours. But after coming back to Moskva, we met and werenot able to part anymore. Although I knew, that he had a pregnant girl, a family. But it appeared to me, that everything will happen as it shall be. Last argument in favour of Parviz was, that he did not get out of my head, not only for a second. I thought about him all the time."

The Love

"Even when I was with Vlad, my thoughts were with Parviz. These feelings you can call with full confidence love. I felt well with him like it never was, like it was with nobody for many years" argues the young, but grown with love experience star.

Volkova is happy, that she has found in Parviz, just what she searched for in a man for such a long time. The singer assures, that behind him she feels like behind a stone-wall.

"I know, that Parviz will always protect me, stand by me and support me, and this I like in him most of all. What concerns Vladik, I meet him very rarely now. He has done more to the case that we split up than me. No, I don't blame him, but I think that it was a strange feeling, which I can't describe with words. Now I live simply in paradise.

Vladik is handsome, but most of all he loves himself" the "tatugirl" remembers. "What concerns Masha Veber - I have to say, that it is not important for me, what she will tell about me: my conscience is clear."

The Son

Just finished the words Yulya hugged Parviz gently and kisses him on the lips, not being ashamed of the looks of the surrounding.

"But it is not the most important thing" the singer continues. "I want to bear Parviz a son, and not only one. In general, for me the question of motherhood is very important now. I wish that there is a fruit of our love, which would make us the most happy people under the sun."

In the fact how the destiny turned, Yulya sees a fatalistic beginning. The star is confident, this was a fateful concourse of circumstances.

"The heaven has brought us together" says Volkova "and we are happy, that we can experience love, for which many are ready to sacrifice life.

Tvoy Den, Russia
Translated by Argos
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