Ivan Shapovalov's persecution of Elena Kiper (Guru Ken Show::: - Russia)

Time of publication: 09.04.2003
Scandalous details about Ivan Shapovalov's persecution of Elena Kiper: an ultimatum was received and…

Elena Kiper will press charges against Tatu's producer Ivan Shapovalov for: persecution and illegal intrusion into private life. 'Guru Ken Show:::' received by e-mail material that contains interesting representation about the present success of 'Tatu' in Europe, and at what price that success was achieved. We do not take any sides in this game, but we do publish Alexander Lykov's opinion as a debate. And so--the views about Elena Kiper, author of some Tatu songs, pressing charges against Ivan Shapovalov:

"I've been telling Elena to do it for a long time. Especially taking into account all those facts of harassment and threats used by Ivan Shapovalov in his game against the founder of 'Nichya', author of hits for Tatu, and his ex-co-producer, Elena Kiper. Besides, I have been advising her for a long to file against Shapovalov based on authorship, and protection of integrity, just like Sergei Galoyan did. Galoyan won, and Lena will win the process without an effort. At least, perhaps all those stories will end, which, by the way, in the end, may be very dangerous for Lena. She already had to hire private bodyguards, after some unknown people in a silver BMW started shadowing her (Ivan Shapovalov owns such car), and people started calling and leaving threats. (By the way, threats were received by other participants of the project Tatu as well. Valeryi Polyenko, in an interview for 'Express Gazetta' on Dec. 16, 2002, literally said this when asked the question of whether he was threatened or not: "Well, sure? A few times, unidentified voices called, clearly telling me I must stop trying. For the time being, I agree to think of this as some sort of misunderstanding. I really hope that I wouldn't have to press charges, and that everything will be settled in a friendly manner."

When Kiper left Tatu, she was threatened, with fraud--details about all her phone calls were obtained, and she was told that she would have bigger problems if she tried to prove her rights over the ideas and co-authorship of the project. It is not necessary to talk about where those threats came from. It is all very clear. This story about Lena Kiper, which I gathered from puzzles of the complete picture, resembles more a suspense blockbuster than the story of a creative individual, and just simply a nice girl who had once written good songs.

For two months, Kiper was protected by OMON, with whom she was hooked-up by one of her ex-co-workers, well-known TV journalist Alexander Palnikov, from the show 'Criminal NTV'. However, then, Shapovalov managed to bribe one of the OMON people, and stole from Lena's residence the contract for the song "Ya Soshla S Uma"!

He was handed over to RUBOP [I am guessing that's the police -Note], and justice triumphed. But now, when all the passions have calmed down, all this persecution does not stop by any means. Persecutions have gone to a whole new level. Now, Shapovalov operates differently, he interferes with the development of Elena's project 'Nichya' in all possible ways--probably tortured by envy, he is not capable of anything much, the new song that Tatu is going to sing at Eurovision is an exact copy of their previous pseudo-hit "Prostie dvizheniya'. Nothing fresh has come out ever since Kiper left the project.

There is nothing Shapovalov can do, because he is handicapped when it comes to creativity--he can't build his home, if the neighbor's is better; it is easier for him (better) to burn it in painful envy. Details: Shapovalov tried to buy the song 'Nichya' from Elena Kiper for $50 000--and this is where it becomes obvious why such a high price--he wanted to bury the project that Lena was starting, still in the blossoming stages, just so that she wouldn't come out to the public. And expecting commercial success for Lena, he wanted to break it off.

Furthermore, after Shapovalov found out that Lena wanted to film her clip with her own money, which she had to receive as royalty from Tatu's album, he illegally withheld her pay from those royalties. Moreso, after Shapovalov heard that 'Nichya' was negotiating with Universal Music Russia about launching a single, and an album, which violates a condition that will terminate the contract with Tatu, he threatened her with a court order, and would file against her for breaking up her contract--this fact was published by the magazine 'Businessmen and Money', demanding only one thing: that the contract with 'Nichya' was not signed.

Shapovalov dictated the conditions under which Tatu was going to participate in the best show Bomba Goda to our own Andrei Makarov [some big figure in Russian radios I guess -Note]. And what conditions they were!! 'Nichya', or rather Elena Kiper, couldn't be played on the radio stations belonging to the Russian Media Group! Shapovalov decided that he was God, and he could do whatever he wanted. (By the way, in one interview conducted with him for the newspaper 'Izvestiya' he'd said so. To the question: Didn't they offer you a position as a preacher? He answered: "Some friends are trying right now to launch 'Telepreacher'. I haven't refuse. Where is God for us? In 'Ostankino' I even felt myself like a little God.")

Lena should have pressed charges long ago, like Galoyan did, but obviously his methods of influence made greater impact on her (Galoyan said in an interview: "Vanya is a professional child psychiatrist, he very well knows the complexes and weaknesses of children (teenagers). At first, the girls had psychological barriers, but to break them was very easy. I think that on them, and on me he used hypnosis. I later understood that he could use hypnosis, and in his institute he studied Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). While working with us, he constantly used the techniques he had learned. We all lived through that! And did what he wanted us to do. Those underage girls, for their work he paid them, I think at the beginning $20 for a show, and later $100.")

"Shapovalov played with us." (Anna Veligzhanina 20 March 2003- 'Komsomolskaja Pravda') "Shapovalov alone, supposedly, created the most successful project, known as pedo-pop in the West. In the institute, he specialized in child psychology (psychiatry), and has certainly learned how to manipulate people, to hide them in the shadow when it is necessary, and when it's even more necessary, to lift up (off) all the smoke around them. It wasn't too much work for him to powder up the brains of trustful, creative girls, which I undoubtedly sympathize, and so do many of my colleagues."

As a result from leaving Tatu, Lena has not received neither her money, nor the ability to conduct normal work on her new project. And now the patience has ended! All the facts will be published, and Shapovalov is likely to face legal action, which might grow from banal lawsuit for authorship and intrusion into private life, to much bigger and serious accusations, which foresee criminal responsibility (liability).

Alexander Lykov

Source: Guru Ken Show:::
Translation by coolasfcuk.
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