Yulia Volkova: Everything's very cool…

Time of publication: 24.07.2007
Guys, hello-o-o-o!!!

I was really bad, couldn't get back to YOU for such a long time with life news :-) Everything's very cool… We're playing shows in Kazakhstan now, a lot of flying – you know the kind of plane we had to fly? AN-24 – it is kind of an air balloon on wheels! Jolts, rattle – damn! The only thing that makes it easier- thoughts about the audience. We haven't expected that so many people love us there! Big venues, people – and everybody's so kind, energetic, shouting and dancing till they can… All's positive!

Yesterday was our second day of shooting for the movie, at ZIL plant. We've been waiting for our turn for six hours… It's such a rush we're in –going from one place to another… The movie's coming alone so f**king awesome, beautiful, fun, and the team is very professional.

As for my life… I'm the happiest, there's a human being inside of me, who already gives me signs… Sometimes it's strange to realize that soon I will give birth to my second child…

Well, enough of telling secrets… Don't get blue, have some fun in what’s left of summer!
Tender kisses,

Lena Katina: I'm so glad that most of you liked our new song

Time of publication: 26.06.2007
Well, my dears! First, I'm so glad that most of you liked our new song. Of course it will sound a little bit different after rehearsals and on the album. I was on edge when I sang it in Luzhniki. Performing a song for the first time! And second, it's probably my favorite song already. When I played it for my Mom, she cried. It's so moving… I think many of you will feel it "through" and understand it. By the way, there is an English version of “Ne Zhaley”. It will be included in the album, but won’t be a single.

18.06.07 Lena Katina: Here are answers to some of your questions, guys!
13.06.07 Lena Katina: Margo found home
30.05.07 Lena Katina: I'm asking you for help
11.05.07 Lena Katina: I can say both hello and goodbye!
11.04.07 Lena Katina: I'm sitting in a Chinese restaurant and waiting for Julia
20.02.07 Lena Katina: My dear Yulenka, my significant other!
17.02.07 Yulia Volkova: I am so happy I left dirty Moscow...
06.02.07 Lena Katina: Well, as I've promised, here's our Pashtet Ivanovich!
12.01.07 Troy McCubbin: 2007! Lets ROCK!
29.12.06 Troy McCubbin: Happy bloody New Year!
24.12.06 Lena Katina: Merry Christmas!
18.12.06 Troy McCubbin: We don't need no drama drama!
04.12.06 Lena Katina: Grandma, you're the best
01.12.06 Troy McCubbin: Planes, trains & automobiles! Part 3.
29.11.06 Troy McCubbin: Planes, trains & automobiles! Part 2.
27.11.06 Troy McCubbin: Planes, trains & automobiles! Part 1.
24.11.06 Troy McCubbin: Kazakhstan - Borat & Tatu
16.11.06 Yulia Volkova: We are in Erevan!
16.11.06 Troy McCubbin: Trans Siberian Train
08.11.06 Troy McCubbin: How cold? WHAT????
04.11.06 Troy McCubbin: Tatu and the Circus animals!
30.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Troy runs into Lion!
23.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Back in LA
16.10.06 Troy McCubbin: 18hr train ride to Moscow
13.10.06 Troy McCubbin: G'day from kiev!
10.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Leaving for Kiev!
09.10.06 Lena Katina: Well, I am 22 now!
05.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Kazan & Lena's party!
04.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Lena's birthday
01.10.06 Troy McCubbin: Back in Moscow
04.09.06 Troy McCubbin: We are back in Moscow from Samara
31.08.06 Troy McCubbin: G'day from Moscow!
29.08.06 Troy McCubbin: Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes
21.08.06 Troy McCubbin: We had a pre-screening of the DVD last night
18.08.06 Troy McCubbin: Well we just arrived in Nagoya, Japan
14.08.06 Troy McCubbin: G'day Guys, Hi from Japan!
20.07.06 Yulia Volkova: Mexico! Concerts! Fans!
13.07.06 Lena Katina: Have just returned from a short vacation
19.06.06 Yulia Volkova: I am in fact "klassno"…
28.05.06 Troy McCubbin: Sitting here at Tatu head quarters in Moscow
25.05.06 Lena Katina: I've been to the theatre recently, with mom and sister
24.05.06 Sven Matrin: Off to Moscow...
22.05.06 Troy McCubbin: Lets get Tatu on the radio!
14.05.06 Troy McCubbin: On the way to Moscow and Mongolia
12.05.06 Troy McCubbin: I have lots of great news to tell you all
04.05.06 Troy McCubbin: Say a huge G'day/hello to all the fans
02.05.06 Sven Matrin: I just got back from a huge gig with Tatu
29.04.06 Troy McCubbin: The St. Petersburg show went great
27.04.06 Troy McCubbin: We have just arrived in Frankfurt
25.04.06 Troy McCubbin: Leaving for St.Petersburg
20.04.06 Lena Katina: I had a great party – meeting with my classmates
16.04.06 Yulia Volkova: The big St. Petersburg concert is coming soon!
28.02.06 Yulia Volkova: I started to write a script for the movie
19.02.06 Yulia Volkova: I got sick a little recently, sore throat…
12.02.06 Lena Katina: I live together with my loved one!
30.12.05 Yulia Volkova: Guys, go to… next year!
19.12.05 Lena Katina: I've decided to let you into my plans
09.12.05 Lena Katina: San-Paolo – Fankfurt – Hong Kong – Taipei!
01.12.05 Yulia Volkova: Mexico-o-o-o-o!
15.11.05 Yulia Volkova: On the plane again, on the way to Copenhagen
03.11.05 Yulia Volkova: We're in the dressing room now
20.10.05 Lena Katina: I'm now on my way to Newsweek's interview
27.09.05 Yulia Volkova: Finally we're doing a huge promo
21.08.05 Yulia Volkova: Came back to Moscow - hang out with friends
19.08.05 Lena Katina: I've found new love – and I'm flying in the clouds…
02.08.05 Yulia Volkova: Hi guys!
01.08.05 Lena Katina: I am in Moscow, actually – in my country house (dacha).
28.07.05 Yulia Volkova: Everything finished so fast – i can't even believe it!
25.07.05 Lena Katina: Yes! We did it!!!
22.07.05 Yulia Volkova: We've shot two videos, recorded two albums
18.07.05 Yulia Volkova: Tomorrow we are shooting the video!
16.07.05 Lena Katina: Well, my short break is over…
12.07.05 Lena Katina: It's just so great – my loved ones, my friends, Moscow…
11.07.05 Yulia Volkova: I feel like spending some time with you
04.07.05 Yulia Volkova: We got a new manager
02.07.05 Lena Katina: We're at the studio now
27.06.05 Yulia Volkova: It's hot here, we had a day off today
23.06.05 Lena Katina: We're finishing Russian vocal recording
17.06.05 Lena Katina: I'm sitting and reading a totally interesting book
08.06.05 Yulia Volkova: Everything’s cool, I am so happy!
08.06.05 Lena Katina: Going back to America tomorrow
03.06.05 Lena Katina: We are on the way to sound-check
11.05.05 Lena Katina: Tomorrow I get to fly to America
08.12.04 Yulia Volkova: Hi, guys! Everything is cool with me!
08.12.04 Lena Katina: I've passed an exam
14.10.04 Lena Katina: I celebrated my birthday
20.09.04 Lena Katina: Now I'm on holiday in Turkey
23.08.04 Lena Katina: We've finally started to write songs
Here you can find entries from Yulia and Lena's diaries, which are on their official website,

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