Yulia Volkova: It's hot here, we had a day off today

Time of publication: 27.06.2005
hi, guys! have visited our forum today: you guys are so cool, so nice, so funny! i love you so much! somebody was curious about pasha… we broke up, i have a whole different life now, i am happy… i am crazy about my vikusya, she's so funny, so tiny, she’s all over the place, and she's got two funny teeth sticking out – just like a little bunny!!! we’re in America, and we’re about to finish recording the songs (f***ing cool!!!). soon we'll shoot the video. not gonna tell the details, you will see an listen all the stuff very soon!!! it’s hot here, we had a day off today. were sunbathing and swimming the whole day! i miss moscow, my mom, my dad, my daughter and you guys!!! big kiss to you, your candy!!!
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