Lena Katina: I live together with my loved one!

Time of publication: 12.02.2006
Hello, my dear boys and girls! Heh, sounds like the beginning of a kid’s movie :) I’ve finally found some time to write you!! So many things to do! Well, let’s start from the personal stuff of what everybody already knows. I live together with my loved one! It’s so cool that there’s someone who can understand you, support you, cook some yummy things for you and of course… well, many things! He’s the best man in my life! There are still a lot of things to do in our apartment. For example, we plan to have a noise insulation there. Our neighbors complained not once already even though we are really not doing anything “noisy” – ask Julia!

Interviews, photo shootings, new promo-tours – essential part, there are always more to do! So many trips are being planned again, and a lot of work ahead to stage a new show. And everything is done for you guys! Always yours! Love u!
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