Troy McCubbin: Say a huge G'day/hello to all the fans

Time of publication: 04.05.2006
Say a huge G'day/hello to all the fans and tell them thank you so much for all their support. they are the best!!!
I love hearing from all of you and will always try to write back.
My web site on its way, i hope to post lots of private pics, Video's, and get my music up there for you all to hear.
Really looking forward to getting it all out there.

I am currently in Los Angeles at the moment in the Studio working on my music.
Really can't wait for you all to hear it!!
I hope you guys like it.
I should be hearing some news about Tatu's show in Germany at Bravo.
Sven stayed in germany to go home as we had a little time off.
So he was going to go to the show, Bravo and play Piano.
We all wanted to go and play Bravo, but it was only one song and I had to get back to LA.

So hopefully sven will call me and let me know how it all went.
i am sure they kicked ass!
I am really looking forward to playing Moscow with 50 cent at the start of June, that should be lots of fun.
Thats about it for now.
So its back to the studio for a late night then up early for another tough work out session in the gym.
I hope you all are doing great and as soon as I hear more news I'll pass it on.
I am pushing to make sure TATU tours everywhere. I want us to play lots of shows all over the world.
So keep the requests coming and all the support!
You girls & guys ROCK!

I love you all.
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