Troy McCubbin: On the way to Moscow and Mongolia

Time of publication: 14.05.2006
G'day all,
Well i know you have all been patiently waiting for what news i have.
Last time we talked i was sitting in a little cafe in San Francisco just after finishing our meeting for Tatu.
So the future looks pretty busy for Tatu, which really excites me.
We take off to Moscow on the 24th of this month for a show in Moscow, then off to Mongolia for another concert.
Yes Mongolia! Then its back to Moscow to play with 50 cent for an award show.
So hopefully we'll be coming to your country very soon.
I made sure that they knew that tonnes of fans have been e-mailing and asking for Tatu to tour.

So i have been told that we are going to be heading to Belgium for a concert.
As far as I now its not the big festival coming up, but check the tatu web site for more info.
Also we are heading to Finland, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Germany and more of Europe.
These countries were all talked about and more countires are being added on the list all the time.
Also, we will be playing a show in Moscow with the Black Eyed Peas and Shakira sometime in July. That should be huge!

So keep contacting your radio stations requesting Tatu, Universal music and Tatu.
All your requests are being heard! I am making sure of that!
So keep them coming!
Also, for all you American fans we will be playing a club show in Los Angeles.
No date has been set. Hopefully that will open the doors for Tatu to tour the US.
I am confident it will be huge sold out show in LA and we will be forced to play more shows across the US.

Also because the Tatu behind the scenes tv show "Tatu Expedition" has been doing so well and is getting so much interest, I am hoping it will be played on TV in your country sometime in the near future. I know most of you know, but you can download this show from the Tatu web site.
So write to your TV Stations and request "Tatu Expedition" that will really help in getting Tatu to tour your country!

I also know that the real Tatu myspace page is coming soon. Except for me and Sven all other Tatu sites aren't the real Tatu.

So its looking good that we will be touring your country in the future.
For all you Australian fans I will be posting information on where you can send your requests so we can get Tatu played more down there!
Hopefully we'll be heard enough to organize a tour as well.

I will also post other e-mails where all fans can send there requests so that they will be heard.
TATU fans are the best fans in the world and we are really excited to tour all these countries!
When I hear more news I will let you all know.
My web site is on the way too and i will be posting lost of pictures, video and diaries from the road.

Thank you all so much for all your comments and encouragement.
Julia, Lena and us guys in the band love hearing from all the fans.
It means so much to know you all appreciate what we do.
We can't wait to come to your country and kick some ass!

lots of love
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