Yulia Volkova: Mexico! Concerts! Fans!

Time of publication: 20.07.2006
Mexico! Concerts! Fans!
Well, guys, I think we've just had a mutual act of love with Mexico!!! Concerts were a great success! Especially in Guadalajara: a bunch of fans sang our songs, even in Russian!!! But we had a moment in this trip, when we were between life and death … Signing session, a huge mall like GUM or TSUM (famous Russian malls), crowds of people, about several thousands, who craved for autographs and for us…

The way the signing session was organized was just bad… There was a mini-stage, with a table and chairs, in the centre of the mall. Well, by the time we burst our way through the crowd to the stage, I already said goodbye to Mom and Dad…We were seized by hands, pulled by hair, pushed and pressed. All these thousands of people encircled the stage from all sides, just like sea surrounds a small island, and I felt almost unprotected. There were only 4-6 security guards in the whole mall. When we reached the stage, I thought it would be taken down. People got excited more and more with every minute, and asking them to calm down was useless; when I did so, they started to scream even more loudly and to climb up the stage. We just had to escape from there through the live corridor of bodyguards and volunteers. While we were running through it, it began to close behind our backs under crowd pressure… then we had to force the closed doors… Finally, we jumped into the car… The car was immediately surrounded by many-many people, who were shouting, hitting the car, pressing themselves to the toned windows in attempt to catch a glimpse of us. They seemed really angry. The guys had spent too much time waiting for our autographs and could not understand why we ran away.
Instead of 2 hours, everything happened in 15-20 minutes.

We were dead scared feeling this hopelessness - no place to run, no one to scatter or calm down the crowd. But all this could have had a very bad ending… not only for Lena and me, but also for many fans who came there… And this is not the end of the story: When our car, first driving very slowly away from the mall and pushing people aside, juiced up, a lifting gate that blocked the parking lot exit, appeared in front of us. It DIDN'T WANT to open. We looked back and were frightened by the scene: The crowd was chasing us, running from the mall… The car would sure have been taken down! In the last second the parking lot workers simply broke this lifting gate manually, and we left. (I still do not understand what the driver was waiting for, why not just to ram the turnpike like in the movie…)

Later the organizers told us that no one was injured… I want to believe it.
So, today we are finally leaving for Moscow!!!
Other than that, I am fine. My daughter is growing, repeats some words and shows her cranky character!!!
Ok, don't get lonely there, I am always with you, kisses!
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