Troy McCubbin: Kazan & Lena's party!

Time of publication: 05.10.2006
G'day Guys,

Writing to you from a nice little cafe in Moscow where they have internet that works... I love it!!

So we had lots of fun in Kazan, really quick trip, basically in & out.
12 hr train trip there, played the show and then caught the train straight back.
I tried to sleep on the train as much as I could but it was a pretty rough ride.
The show was great! Its always so much more fun when our fans are right up close to the stage instead of being behind some barracades. I hate that! I love being close to the fans, we all get to rock alot harder! I love losing myself in the music and just having fun with it.
And when i look out into the audience and see you guys having fun too, that makes me the happiest guy in the world! ROCK
So we didn't really get to see anything of Kazan, which was a shame. But it looked like a cool place. The fans were awesome!

So last night we celebrated Lena's birthday, she had a party with her family and close friends.
It was a great night, Lena looked smokin hot and we all had a great time.
She has such a great family, so its easy to see where she gets her beautiful personality from.
We had tonnes of awesome food and too many drinks. hehehe
I passed on all your Birthday Wishes and told the girls to write in their diaries too.
Check out some of the pics/video I posted from the party.

Oh, guys I was only joking about learning English, I'm Australian, so I speak English but its just a messed up kind of English. Bloody Aussie's hehehe
Also I'll have more news about my music very soon guys, so stay tuned!

Love hearing from you all, especially Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Paris, Venezuela, Germany & of course the USA.
Looking forward to seeing all the fans from the Ukraine at our next shows!
Keep leaving all your great messages and check out all the new pics/videos.

Good-on-ya Mate!

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