Troy McCubbin: G'day from kiev!

Time of publication: 13.10.2006
G'day Guys,

So we arrived in Kiev, Ukraine on Wednesday morning after the 12hr train ride. Not alot of sleep on the train, as everyone thought it was a good idea to party to the wee early hours of the morning. I have learnt to avoid keeping up with the Russians when they pull out the vodka. Its like water to them!
Kiev looks like a pretty city and I got to see some of it while I went for a run through the streets. I love running in each new place we go to as its a great way to feel the energy and vibe of city. Its a great way to get lost too and then my run turns into a marathon because i can't find my way back to the hotel. Keeps me fit anyway.

We've played 2 shows here in Kiev and they have been lots of fun.
The first night we played a club at a place called freedom Hall. It was a good warm-up gig and I was lucky enough to spend some time with some of the fans from the Ukraine TATU fan club. I'm not sure what drink they bought me, but I know it had the desired effect! Thanks guys! A big hello to all you guys who hung out with me and the band after the show.
We enjoyed meeting you all and we really love all the support you guys give us!

Last nights gig was a blast and the crowd were fantastic! Julia and Lena once again told everyone to come closer to the stage, which for us makes a huge difference. We want to be as close as we can to you guys when we perform. Its more of a rock show when we are in your face! I love that!
After the show we went to dinner and then back to the hotel as everyone was pretty tired.
So today we jump on a bus and travel 5hrs to a place called Dnepropetrovsk. yeah I know, I can't pronounce it either. Should be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to our gig there. Then we jump back on a train and its a short 18hr trip back to Moscow. Ahhhhhh
I've posted more pics & videos up on my web site so make sure you guys check them out.
No word on any European shows just yet, but we are working on it.

So now I'm going to go for another run and hopefully not get too lost.
Thank you so much for all the comments & guest books signings. I'm happy everyone is enjoying my web site. I have lots more pics & videos to come! I have also posted some video's on just look for Troy8U.
My music is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to have a song to release very soon, so stay tuned!

Good on ya mate
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