Troy McCubbin: Kazakhstan - Borat & Tatu

Time of publication: 24.11.2006
G'day Guys!!

Well its Friday 1pm here in Moscow and I'm at the Tatu Offices again writing to you.
The guys & I have been hanging out in Moscow all this week because we have a show in Kazakhstan this week end. So I've been writing and working on some music which has been good.

Its a private show this Saturday, something to do with the President I think. No Borat isn't going to be there! Or maybe he will?? that would be really funny if he was!
Anyway, Tatu and a bunch of other Artists are catching a private plane to Kazakhstan tonight at 3am in the morning. I guess I won't being doing any Borat jokes on this trip! hehehe

We play the show and then its back on the plane to Moscow where we'll jump on another plane back to LA!! Yeah sunny LA I can't wait!
I love the sun guys! I hope they saved me some Thanksgiving dinner too!
Home for a week then its back to Moscow until the end of the year.
Playing a new club in Moscow on the 10th which should be a lot of fun.
Its going to be a big club show and this is supposively the hottest new club in Moscow! So I'm really looking forward to rocking that show out!

I'm getting a lot of feed back from you guys that you are all enjoying what your seeing of our shows online. That makes me so happy! Our live show has become so much better and we all have so much fun on stage. I'm really looking forward to touring everywhere next year.

Time just run out this year to get to Europe, Latin America, USA, Asia and everywhere else in the world we didn't go to. But the plan is to get there next year. So be patient guys, I'm just as anxious as you guys to come to all your countries. We are going to ROCK!!

So this January we will have some down time finally. This has been such a fun tour, but really hard and exhausting too. Lots of traveling - trains, planes & automobiles!
At least we didn't get the freezing temperatures we thought we were going to get and my balls are still intact.

I got to see parts of the world I thought I'd never get to see and meet some really great fans.
In January I'll hopefully finish my music I keep teasing you guys about so you can all finally hear it. I'm really excited about that and also really excited about the new Tatu album which should start in Jan too. I believe the Tatu DVD will also come out early next year, so lots still happening for Tatu. 2007 will be a very busy year with lots of great plans for Tatu!

I hope you guys all hang in there and keep supporting us. Its so awesome to receive so much feedback from you. I love it!! And I love that you guys take the time to read my Blogs, check out my silly pics and crazy videos. If you haven't already stop by and say hello at,

Thanks guys for being so supportive!
Oh check out the new Video I posted too, called Tatu stagesetup here on my website (

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Big hello to everyone from Australia! Thank you to everyone from my home town area who signed my guestbook! Its really great to hear from you all.

Good on ya mates!
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