Lena Katina

Katina Elena Sergeevna was born 4 October, 1984 in intellectual’s family in Moscow.

Lena’s parents: Inessa Vsevolodovna Katina and Sergey Vasilievich Katin who used to work with “Dune” band, Marina Khlebnikova and other Russian artists.

Lena started to go to music hobby groups and sports clubs since she was 4. She used to do gymnastics, figure-skating, swimming, horseracing, ballroom dancing, drawing, acting.

At the age of 6 she started studying at the elementary-middle-high school #457, and also at that time she got into piano classes at the musical school #30.

At 9 she became a soloist in the famous children’s band “Avenue” where she sang for 3 years.

She entered the “Neposedy” (Naughty Kids) band at 12. She sang a song in French at the audition and greatly impressed the jury with the quality of her voice. She left the group 3 years after due to a transfer to another job.

A kind of “all-Russian debut” of Lena’s happened in 1998 with her taking part in vocalization of a TV ad for a soft drink product line “Drinks from Chernogolovka”, created by Ivan Nikolayevich Shapovalov for “OST” company. Lena herself does not like to mention her role in this ad.

In 1999 Lena, being 14, was casted to the new music project with Roxette’s song “It must have been love”. 31 May, 1999 her first photo shoot took place. Make-up for the event was done by Alexander Shevchiuk, those days popular make-up professional. This is the date officially taken for the birthday of the band t.A.T.u. Lena recorded “Yugoslavia” and “Doschitai do sta” (“Count to 100”) songs in cooperation with the composer Alexander Sergeevich Voitinsky. Another girl was added to the project later. It was Yulia Olegovna Volkova. Lena had time to get acquainted and make friends with her back in her “Neposedy” days.

Lena waved her school goodbye in 2001, when their duet with Yulia Volkova had already started its assault on Europe after conquering Russia. In the course of the years passed in the joint creative activities with Yulia she has toured half the world giving concerts. Lena performed on stages of quite diverse sorts and sizes, ranging from circus rings and gay clubs of Moscow and London to the stadiums like Tokyo Dome and Wembley, where in November of 2004 girls had an opportunity to personally meet HRH Prince Charles.

In 2003 Lena participated in the International Eurovision Song Contest which took place in Riga. According to official results of the voting, that resembled a detective-story, the song performed by Lena and Yulia becomes number 3 with a 3-point gap behind the winner.

In parallel to her life in clover Lena keeps thinking about the future and finds the time to get herself a higher education. Since 2001 thru 2007 she is a Psychology Major of the Moscow’s Social-Humanitarian Institute (MSGI).

In the April of 2009 Lena undergoes eyesight correcting laser surgery in the Stanford University clinic in Silicone Valley in order to eliminate the myopia she got earlier due to intense reading of (mostly classical) literature. According to her words, now “she can finally see”.

By the end of that month the recording of Lena’s first solo album has began in Los Angeles.

Goes to church. Believes in God. Romantic, communicative, likes to read, likes people, likes animals. Poetizes. Favorite flowers: Chamomile, Irish daisies, May lilies, Forget-me-nots, Tulips, Gerberas, Blue cow wheat (used to pluck ‘em a lot as a child at her dacha), Golden-cups, Centauries.

Source: Lena Katina Official Site