t.A.T.u. is to receive Dvizhenie-2003 Awards

Time of publication: 07.08.2003 (19:11)
The first ceremony of the National Dance Music Awards “Dvizhenie-2003” will take place on August 12, in Kristall Arena. Intermedia and 2M experts, that established Dvizhenie-2003 Awards, chose seven most popular music groups in Russia. The nominations are based on the record sales, places in the charts, density of the tour schedules and press coverage during the past 2002 year. The organisers dismissed the idea of choosing only one winner as the score difference that separated those groups from each other appeared very insignificant. Thus the most popular groups became t.A.T.u., Gosty Iz Budushego, Discoteka Avariya, Premier-Ministr, Reflex, Ruki Vverh and Hi-Fi. The awards would be presented by the leading Russian journalists, VJ:s, radio stations’ directors, famous producers and composers. Dinamit, Drugie Pravila, Dima Bilan, Sasha Project will perform at the Awards.

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